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Found 70 results

  1. Hey guys, I wonder if there is a way to change the default price for the base maintain. This is my server_maintainArea.sqf in my server pbo and i find this in dayz_code maintain_area.sqf i changed the price, but in game price still didnt change And not quite sure how base decay works. does it just cause damage to building or like just delete when it reachs the date
  2. Hello, I was wondering whether it is possible to increase the amount of hit-points for certain building materials ingame. I would like to increase the amount of bullets/damage it takes to take down wooden structures on our servers. I am happy with the cinder/metal item hit-points. Does anyone know whether this is possible and where i would look to do this? Thanks Marko
  3. Hi guys I wonder if anyone has had this issue? Basically, players start creating bases...jammer down...foundations...walls....cinder block walls, the whole caboodle and on restart it has disappeared, either some of the cinder block walls, or in the worst case scenario, the whole base! We are running V0.3.0.1 and wondered if it's an Epoch bug and if anyone else has encountered it? Thanks very much.
  4. Hey, guys So I have dayz.st for host, which is terrible, because I have no access to hive.int to change the decay time. And the default plot pole maintain isn't working ,either. When I look at the maintain preview, it shows that 0 building parts in range sometimes it shows a few building parts when the walls are damaged. So is there a way to fix it, or add a SQL event to database that damage the base a little bit so players can maintain it Thanks :D
  5. Hey,guys So, my host is Dayz.st and they are terrible, I have no access to hiveext.ini to change the base decay period. And the base maintain isn't working either, When i go to maintain base, it shows "0 Building parts in range" But I noticed when the walls are damaged, you can maintain the base, but not the whole base, just a few, like two, three building parts. I wonder if there is a way to fix the maintain or add a SQL event to database that does a little damage to the base so players can maintain. Thanks ! :D
  6. Hi folks. Anyone know what it costs per base piece/day/week to maintain a base Jammer so stuff doesn't vanish :) Just seeking some clarification on how much and when to maintain. (dev's pls...) Jammers seem like bottomless money pits and I want to know if I'm wasting KP ! Many thanks, Bushy.
  7. My base building was destroyed today, I mean 2 walls disappear... I had 5 cars inside my base and a lot of items (loot)... Frequency Jammer was maintained so this is not the problem.. I´ve lost everything and don´t know how.... No Server Restart problem neither, because we made this abse 4 days ago... PLZ HELP! Tell me what happened plz! Thanks...
  8. Hey, "FingersCrossed" here, since our base got destroyed over night when we were all offline, by some people who used duped explosiv's in combination with the "flying carpet" i wanted to share some pictures with you, of our base when it was fine + an overall feedback. Week's ago a good friend of mine and myself started to play on mgt, within the first week we figured playing as 2 people is very rough, so we got some allies, wich ended up in having a group of 15 people, with about 10 people beeing online everyday, just as a reference how such a base can even exist with legitimate methodes. Since there is already enough "talk" about explosiv's and base destructions in this forum, i'll leave this out. All i really want to say is a big "Thank You" towards the dev's of this mod, i havent had such a good time in a game for a long time, and of course mgt for providing such an amazing support, especially our beloved Daz, Wookie, and even DB the freaking owner himself, helped people of our team out with small issues when he was arround. Becaue of that im doing a 25$ donation towards mgt and a 25$ donation towards the arma 3 epoch team, just as an appreciation for the good time we are all having playing this masterpiece. Get yourself some icecream you earnd it. Before i forget ... For all those people i read here on a daily, complaining about how shit everything is ( hi dm ), getting no support and whatnot. From the bottom of my heart ... please ... please go and f*** yourself, it's an alpha. FX
  9. Hi Folks, i just read the changelog for the recent Arma3 Patch. There it says: I just wondered... Is there a coherence with the Epoch base building. I was playing on a non official server yesterday and determined a different behavior when building, for instance a wall 90° next to another wall where the walls intersect a little bit. I did not go crazy like it sometimes did in previous versions. I first thought it has something to do with how the server is set up, but now, reading this in the changelog, I'm not sure about that. Maybe someone can enlighten me :D THX! Greetz Patzi
  10. Hello there, I had been searching for a script to protect my admin's base, so unauthorized players would be killed. After a little bit of research, I had found the following tutorial (which has a syntax mispell I already fixed: rectangle=1). I've followed all the steps, and created a sensor (which is actually a trigger in Arma 2's Map Editor), whose code I added to mission.sqm: class Item5 { position[]={1261.4967,4688.3843,-140.78297}; a=150; b=150; rectangle=1; activationBy="ANY"; repeating=1; interruptable=1; age="UNKNOWN"; name="dome"; expCond="(vehicle player) in thislist;"; expActiv="dome = [] execVM ""dome.sqf"";"; expDesactiv="terminate dome; titleText [""You have left the Admin Dome."", ""PLAIN DOWN"", 3];"; class Effects { titleType="TEXT"; titleEffect="PLAIN DOWN"; title="If you see this, the xxx dome script isn't working right now but the intrusion sensor is!"; }; }; I've verified that class Sensor's items is set to 6 (the fifth sensors are DayZ Epoch's default ones, which make the Trader Cities work), so the custom sensor I added is the sixth and, therefore, the item's number is correct. The dome.sqf file content is the following: // Dome if ((getPlayerUID player) in ["123456789"]) exitWith { titleText ["Welcome to the Admin Dome!", "PLAIN DOWN", 3]; }; // Everyone Else titleText ["This dome is an Admin-only area, please leave immediately.", "PLAIN DOWN", 3]; sleep 5; titleText ["If you do not turn back you will be killed.", "PLAIN DOWN", 3]; sleep 5; titleText ["You have 10 seconds!", "PLAIN DOWN", 3]; sleep 5; titleText ["You must leave now!", "PLAIN DOWN", 3]; sleep 5; titleText ["You were warned!", "PLAIN DOWN", 3]; sleep 3; player setDamage 1; The issue with the script is that it isn't showing me the welcome text nor killing me when any unauthorized user access the base (triggers the sensor). Do you have any solution to fix this issue? Thanks in advance!
  11. So I had an idea to create some sort of bandit raid area, where you would need a large group of people to take down a giant bandit base. My only problem is, through my searches of AI scripts and missions scripts, I cannot seem to find one that offers the option of spawning a bandit group, in a position, selected by the server admin, preferably when a person gets within say, 2500 metres of said area. Does anyone know if a mod like this exists, from what ive read about Sarge_AI, Wicked_ai, and DZAI, the most found scripts while searching, none of them offer what I seem to want. If anyone has any information, or just something to point me in the right direction, please let me know. I am running a DAY Z EPOCH NAPF Server. Appreciate it.
  12. Hey guys here's my Basebuilding Tutorial more well come https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VBR7YHA-KYc&list=UUBXGM3Xy1vAd9irNvjtQRbA
  13. Hey guys :) I learned from some videos how to build my base. Well, if i built my base, is there an option to "save" my base? So no other player can took my base an move it/ parts of it? And the second thing: There are many servers hosted with cracked serverfiles. Isn't it easier to publish the serverfiels, because if sb wants to host his own server, he can do. So why don't publish these files? :) (Or if not, when will it be? ) Thank you :) Maddin
  14. Here u can see how we loot or build the base. http://www.twitch.tv/buuuzzzzzzzzzzzz Base
  15. Hello im new to this community and im not really good in english. But today i want to Show you guys my first mapadditon to chernarus :) I am using DayZ Epoch Really i hope you like my first try I would like to see some comments about it :) Download here : https://www.dropbox.com/s/dxputvljp1sni9w/ZedBalota.rar
  16. How to make auto-return vehicles and helicopters to the base or the players for the coordinates. And is it possible to disable the-gun on vertoletka for Ka52 and Mi-24?
  17. I was wondering if there is going to be more percentage of scrap metal spawning as i have trampled tons and tons of trash in about 30 hours of gameplay over different characters and found in grand total a sum of 8 scrap metal . This does not look good for my scrap metal empire . Has anyone had the same issue ?
  18. I know there was a script in the forum, but i cant find it any more, it just removed/prevent the loot near a plot pole. would be nice if anybody could show it me again.
  19. Hello, I have been wondering if it is possible for me to add normal class buildings from Arma 2 and make it so players in game can build these just like they do with a normal cinder wall. If you have any information you could share with me please post below please.
  20. Ive been playing DayZ Epoch for a while now and i have seen some good bases in my time. But show me your base :) At the moment this is my base on a server i like quite a lot xD
  21. Short overview: Adding locks with keys that work similar to vehicles, a base owner can then choose if they want to have keys to their base or a codelock. Features and design: * New lootable lock with a key, the original key is bound to the player and will spawn with the player (and use up a slot). * Only the one who upgraded the door and got the original key will actually spawn with the original key in their inventory * A killed player will also drop their key, the dropped key upon player death will be a copy. * The key-lock can only be unlocked with the original key or a copy * On top of manually making copies of the keys, copies of the same lock can be crafted, so a key can go to an entire base * Changing or removing the lock requires a key Explanation: One of the issues with codelocks is that they are quite easy to crack, giving the option to have a key to the base will add a different way of locking down a base. No longer can a group of enemy players spend all night and crack the codes to a base, as there will be no other way (aside from blowing the entire door up) to open a door into a base with a key. The balance to this is of course that if the original key owner is killed, anyone can steal a key from his corpse and thus access the base, and or make copies of said key, thus presenting the mechanic with a balance toward the increased security.
  22. So we had a few issues with players doing kamikaze into other players bases and we got fed up with it since it made players leave our servers. So i came up with a really simple solution to it. It works by setting triggers at plot poles with a radius of 50 meters and a height test of min 3 meters and max 65 meters from the ground and speeds above 130. you can tweak this to what you like. I'm not saying this is the best way to do this but it works fine on our server So it will TP Air vehicles away from the base it's trying to crash into, based on the parameters you set (minimum height and maximum height from ground and air vehicle speed. Just so all are aware, this is no longer in use as the triggers are created on all clients and should be server side only! It is kept only for reference purpose and should not be used as posted below! If you still want to use it, instead of "in your init.sqf inside the "if (!isDedicated) then {" scope, add this:" Then do "in your init.sqf inside the "if (isServer) then {" scope, add this:" but i have NOT tested it Installation: Create a file called "AntiKamikaze.sqf" in your scripts folder in the root of your mission file. and then insert this: diag_log "Loading Anti Kamikaze..."; _centerOfMap = [7200,7200,0]; _triggerRadius = 50; _AKplotPole = nearestObjects [_centerOfMap, ["Plastic_Pole_EP1_DZ"], 14500]; AK_fnc_GG = { if ((vehicle player) isKindOf "Air") then { _v = vehicle player; _speed = speed _v; _coordsVeh = getPos _v; _altitude = _coordsVeh select 2; if (_altitude > 3.0 && _altitude < 65.0 && _speed >= 130) then { //This is where you define the trigger altitude and speed _newPos = [_coordsVeh, 150, 300, 10, 0, 20, 0] call BIS_fnc_findSafePos; _newPos set [2, 400]; _v setpos _newPos; titleText ["Really!?...what are you... like 4 years old??? Don't kamikaze! (If you try to land fly slower!)", "PLAIN", 3]; }; }; }; { _trg=createTrigger["EmptyDetector",getPos _x]; _trg setTriggerArea[_triggerRadius, _triggerRadius, 0,false]; _trg setTriggerActivation["WEST","PRESENT",true]; _trg setTriggerStatements["(vehicle player) in thisList", "call AK_fnc_GG", ""]; _trg setTriggerType "SWITCH"; diag_log format["GEEKTEST: Creating Trigger @ %1",getPos _x]; } forEach _AKplotPole; diag_log "...Anti Kamikaze Loaded!"; Remember to change center of the map coords if you don't use chenarus map in your init.sqf inside the "if (!isDedicated) then {" scope, add this: //Anti Kamikaze [] execVM "Scripts\AntiKamikaze.sqf" Please do comment if you know a better way to do it, or if you know of a way to make a sphere around each plot pole instead of a cylinder, just so i can get rid of the height check. Please like if you use it :)
  23. hey guys kinda new to this map editing stuff but i gave it ago and my server seems to like it so please tell me what you guys think :) some features - small amounts of loot-able boxes - added barracks (blocked of one of the old ones to force people to go inside the base) - added industrial areas - large military base To be warned, entering any type of mounted gun will kill the player Link to some pictures http://imgur.com/a/V8a9O#0 Download .sqf https://www.dropbox.com/s/j8qq0x877i5pl5i/NWAF.sqf New Download .sqf (This one is set to objects to optimize your server, there are also some small changes to class names which may fix a few bugs or errors but it seems the weapon creates have vanished, not sure why) https://www.dropbox.com/s/oqtj9zkv5yphtoo/NWAF_2.sqf
  24. This Team was created specially for Rust, this is supported by the Team Bloodyminded, that is known in the DayZ Scene. The thought is to become a large Group on different Rust Servers! Hobo Brotherhood can also be split, eg.: Hobo Brotherhood | UK, Hobo Brotherhood | GER, Hobo Brotherhood | FR, etc. Thus there should be no language barrier and make you feel more comfortable. It is not forbidden to join other splinter groups of H.B., to play together or support each other. To join the H.B. you should be least 16 years old! Teamplay is a must here and highly desired, as well discipline and respectful towards other players. Cheaters, Hackers, buguser and other Scum are not desirable for us! Players who have a VAC bann will be subjected to a test. This is to protect the reputation of the Team, no one wants to be a Member in a team thats insulted as Cheaters. Teamspeak Server will also be available as soon as all a little growing! Feel free to contact us directly or leave us a greeting here on the this Site. Visit our new Forum : http://hobobrotherhood.freeforums.org/index.php We count on you ! And Yes finally, our Group has a RusT Server! [DE] .:|RoTTen RusT|:. | [Essentials][PVP][sleeper][Airdrops][Forum][Active Admins][No Cheat] -> net.connect The Team BloodyMinded sponsors this Server! The Server has no mods and is still in the retraction phase, but it is pre-configured for 24/7 gameplay! Please join on the Server so we can see what still needs to be set and where is the end with the performance! Thanks in Advance! Best Regards BloodyMinded & Hobo BrotherHood! Visit RottenHive DayZ Server Forum Rottenhive Visit RottenHive Fan Page on Facebook Visit our Steam Group Site Hobo BrotherHood Visit our Forum Hobo Forum
  25. ok so i started work on a custom airfield it isn't complete yet, now basically i tried uploading it to my server as i would normally with every other map edit for a test, yet this one doesn't work, nothing appears as soon as i can get a fix for this problem i will be able to continue and finish it and have a new upload to share for you guys. the download contains the sqf https://www.dropbox.com/s/1zfvwo6rseh1doc/Anglorum.sqf this one is the origional sqf https://www.dropbox.com/s/9eadku64vyvdshh/mission.sqf here's a link so some pictures, keep in mind this is all unfinished and i still need a fix for why its not loading up on my server and when i do have a fix will be able to make a finished map edit for you all http://imgur.com/a/mctl2#0
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