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  1. Yes, appreciate the heads up. I saw another reddit post pointing me back here. HI everyone! I miss you guys dearly. <3
  2. Thanks everyone for the support.
  3. Just be thankful you don't have to scrape a bunch of mayonnaise and ketchup off of your toast before applying said butter. These earlier alpha builds are intended to be more of a framework so people like yourself can tailor it more to your liking on down the road. We have plenty in store in terms of content, but laying the foundation so to speak must be done first.
  4. Uro1's right about that, it's too early to stake any concrete claims as it's been kind of vague to begin with. Also Skydogs, I recall reading that split profit sharing was not something they would be approving of; as far as I'm aware reading through that thread & official responses. Everyone should just be patient until more clarity comes from BI, which I imagine it will; whether it be official statements or communities made an example of.
  5. Please provide a scenario in which someone should be able to sell something that doesn't give a player an unfair advantage. Try to be realistic and consider what a player would actually like to purchase. Looking back on all of the donator shops that we've seen. none of it has ever been cosmetic and has always offered items that would normally take a regular player a fair bit of time to obtain.
  6. Krypto is an ethereal item that would give a player an advantage over another player, and doesn't fit into the realm of BI's accepted monetary guidelines. The same can be applied to certain types of tactical clothing; take the Ghillie for instance. Aside from the obvious visual difference, it also provides additional armor to the player; all Arma 3 clothing has armor values on them. We can theorize and make our own interpretations of what little has been publicly stated on the subject, but the proof will most certainly be in the pudding. Anyone interested should follow the proper channels linked above and we'll see where this all goes.
  7. Go ham Robio. Release the hounds you sexy sob.
  8. Of course, we've been against this since day one; it probably just hasn't been addressed yet. Believe me though, we've collectively removed, banned or edited hundreds of sigs and members in the past.
  9. To retain the context of this entry, I said: "To be clear, I have no intentions of monetizing my work in this regard, but I would like to reserve the right to prevent others to do so." - Sequisha "You have every right to do so. If you wish to contest the "approved status" then use the report button. Sometimes the infringements are so obvious, that we will be able to see ourselves that the person requesting approval is not acting in the best of the Arma community and we will not grant the approval. Most of the times it is not so obvious and that is where content creators such as yourself can use "report" to help us maintain the healthy community." - Johny, Executive Producer ...and there you have it folks. Straight from the Executive Producer's fingers. This is a bright day in the future of Arma for everyone, let us all rejoice.
  10. It's not just the assets, any server running Epoch as a base would also be subject to this.
  11. "...on server with community content you also need approval for all content from every involved community content authors" -Dwarden 2015 At this time, I have made no approval of commercial use for my content, this has not changed since the project began. There is no grandfathering in of this, if you're not on their approval list...then guess what? Myself and the rest of the Epoch development team will be expecting messages from anyone who chooses to obtain our approval on this matter.
  12. In this thread: "Please make the game easy." Not going to facilitate this. Try not to confuse "Giving the player what they want/need." with "Making my server easy to monetize." or "Pacifying the whining poor players that my server attracts." Don't care/10 Take this shit somewhere else.
  13. Sequisha


    Yeah, sounds like the BEclient.exe isn't running on your pc. There may have been something that stripped it from initializing on your end. I would suggest re-downloading the BEclient.dll from www.battleye.com, & checking your file integrity through steam. You may also want to check your (Start-->Run-->msconfig) to make sure you don't have Battleye disabled.
  14. Sequisha

    XCam Map

    Yeah it looks amazing, very cool tool they're using to populate the map. It would be wonderful if somehow it ran without being a huge resource hog. It would be phenomenal for pvp in epoch.
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