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  1. **| THE BANDITS |** **THE BANDITS | 3PP PVP | NAMALSK** *We are a NEW Server/Community starting up looking for people to call somewhere home for their DayZ Adventures.* *I like to see this as more than just a Server but See us as a Community, We plan on having movie nights with everyone & giveaways, such as games, gift cards, & more once we get going. We Welcome EVERYONE with Open Arms!* **60 Slot Server (for now)** **High Quality Map Edits** **Active Staff** **100k Start** **KeyCard System** **CannabisPlus** **Collectables (GPU's,Tetriz's,etc)** **DogTags** **KOTH** **AIRDROPS** **BBP & More!** **50K Referral for each friend you bring into our server!** *Our server is Partially inspired by Escape from Tarkov & every life matters more than ever.* https://discord.gg/XFfJXxRDTB
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