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  1. Hi Guys I hope this forum is still active as I've spent 6 hours trying to get this to work to no avail. Any help would be greatly appreciated - this is something I've been wanting to get working for years but never invested the time in it and now I'm knee deep! I followed this guide to setup a locally hosted Epoch server: So the Redis service starts fine and so does Arma 3 console. I can launch the game using my usual Steam account, find the server under "Direct Connection", and connect no problem. At this point it downloads the mission and I get to the character selection screen, when I select a character and click OK I just get taken to a black screen. The in game chat commands work, pressing "m" for map just brings up a small red crosshair in the still all black screen, hitting Escape gives me the Epoch menu. It will then sit in this state for a few minutes until finally returning "Server not Ready (Error 02)" I've also tried adding "-autoinit" to the A3 server launch command, as I read this starts the game without needing to wait for players to connect which solves a timing out thing where you try to connect before the server has finished loading everything - I don't think this is my issue. The game is up and running in 10 seconds according to the console window. All of the @Epoch files have been downloaded from the one source and copied everywhere (server install folder, main Steam folder). My last attempt log file looks like this: Please guys - any suggestions? Some extra info to note if it's of any use: I was getting unsigned key messages at first (see attached screenshot) even though I had copied my keys folder over from my main steam Arma3 folder to the server install folder , this didn't help so I ended up removing the "verifySignatures" check in server.cfg Cheers Mark
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