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  1. Hello, I began my Arma journey way back in Arma 2 with a very niche mod called Dayz Echo. Among other features, it had a levelling system, which gave you various benefits each level such as new loadouts when spawning in. Now I've successfully started my own server and I'd like to pull of something similar. At the very least I'd want to keep track of everything I've killed thus far (not playing online so player kills are not important). Is there any existing and available mod that would help me on the right path? I found some, such as this script by DirtySanchez but many of the Github and similar links are long gone by now. If there's nothing, I could also explore how to make one for myself if someone could describe the process to me as in what would need to be done in broad strokes. Here's an example of what I'd ideally want to achieve from the Dayz Echo mod I used to play.
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