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  1. Here are my settings. And it's still not working.
  2. Hi all. I added a little bird for combat missions, but when you sit in it it explodes. How do I remove the restrictions on it? To be able to grab a helicopter and use it?
  3. Mod I have connects fine. It is connected and working. This can be seen on the server and in rpt. But they do not appear. And it's weird. I can show example of the mission and configuration files.
  4. Zombies just don't appear. I did everything right. What could be the reason?
  5. Krit


    Что-то на Алтисе вообще не хочет запускаться.
  6. I added the trader the T-100. The tank comes with the purchase, but after purchase it does not appear, and the money is withdrawn. How to fix it? Thank you.
  7. Krit

    Epoch Malden 2035

    Thank you very much. I'm tired of looking for the answer to this question.)
  8. Krit

    Epoch Malden 2035

    I just don't understand where to change the coordinates of traders who are in the green areas.
  9. Krit

    Epoch Malden 2035

    Hi all. Together with the Epoch server files are supplied for the mission. epoch.Altis.pbo epoch.Chernarus.pbo ... ... ... and so on But there is no mission on Malden. Who knows where to take clean mission on Malden. Tried to port it, like it but no dealers at service points.
  10. Does not work on the client side or the server side. Already tried everything.
  11. Yes, everything is earned after packing in the pbo.)) I don't know English and the translator has translated how to move))
  12. Could you upload files again? The files are not found.
  13. I checked on the net mission, which comes with the mod. Nothing no changed. Just complied with the instructions and spent on a mission 1 hour. Nothing worked.
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