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  1. Enjoy! Converter:So, the converter can do numerous things such as deobfuscate minifyed code by adding line breaks and spacings to your SQF which basically cleans up code and makes it look more organized, also can convert GUI Editors Class format to SQF, and and other cool stuffEncrypter:The encrypter can do things like SquareRoot String which converts the code into unicode numbers then obfuscates it using SquareRoot and converts it back to a string and other stuffThe list goes on on what you can do, I can't be bothered listing all of it here :PWebsite: http://sqf.io/Encrypter: http://crypt.sqf.io/Converter: http://convert.sqf.io/Images: http://imgur.com/a/0e4lBTo use the Encrypter just paste your SQF code on the left and convert it to what ever you want or just leave it if you want then format it on the right.Same thing with the Converter. (Input on left, output on right)Other Tools;SQM to SQF:https://github.com/SilentSpike/ARMA-SilentMapConverterSQF to BIEDI:https://github.com/JayWood/sqf_to_beidi*I don't own these tools.*CREDITS:JaywoodSilentSpikeSpeedyPS: If you have any more tools you want me to add to this thread just comment it, but I need to have permissions to post.
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