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  1. Hey Vbawol, How about when kill messages fire on server restart, only once per character? I am using ESS V2, and have tested the following methods and can reproduce every time. .. I hae tried so many things to fix this, but always the same result "XXX Died of natural causes" I know this is realted to ESS V2 however, I was hoping you might be able to shed some light on this, since no other post I have searched has a fix. 1) Server restarts - Any player that was alive at last restart will show full death message, i.e. XXX was killed by XXX from XXX with XXX. 2) Player joins server and must choose class - No kill message. If the server restarts and no change of class is needed (he's still alive) See 1 3) Player changes clothes regardless of life status after a fresh server - "XXX died of natural causes" Thanks if you are able or not to help, for everything you have done.
  2. Here is an excel sheet where all you have to do is add prices for anything, and it will create the code for you. Example code: class pook_H13_gunship_INS {type = "trade_any_vehicle";buy[] ={40000,"Dollars"};sell[] ={20000,"Dollars"};}; all I typed was 40000 to get this result. I will NOT BE supporting this sheet. If you know MS Excel you know how easy this is to do, I just took the time to post it. Josh Get it HERE
  3. And then there was Xm8 Apps.... How far you have come Shix!
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