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  1. Well, if you are intent on keeping this addition then put a timer on how long someone has the feature available. You can only use the detonate feature thirty minutes after spawning. 30 minutes is more than enough on most servers to get geared enough to defend themselves. Even with this in mind though, the problems I listed before with the feature remain. As you say, Surviving the new world is not supposed to be fair yet it seems like you are intent on making things fair for new spawns who by definition MUST be at a disadvantage. In my opinion, it is not a good feature as it stands. It creates absolute scenarios you are trying to avoid and sucks the life out of PvP. Some features you add are good, others not so. Don't take it so personally when one doesn't work as intended. I'm all for experimenting with new features and such, but the long term consequences need to be considered before implementation on a mass scale. The timer might fix it. Bambies in my opinion simply shouldn't be able to retaliate because they haven't put the time to be on equal footing. Want to avoid spawn camping? Add more spawns, diversify the areas. People won't be camping ALL the spawn zones. If so, Admins may need to step in because there's a point where it becomes griefing. Not a problem devs can address. Some things have to fall to admins to correct for. I think it's less of a problem than people make it out to be.
  2. Alright, made an account to discuss this as it's become a big obstacle in PvP for me. PvP in Epoch is driven mainly by the desire for loot. The ability to detonate takes away almost any possibility of loot however. While you claim you wish to avoid creating absolute scenarios I'm afraid that is exactly what you did by introducing the detonate mechanic. Most players will detonate themselves to deny loot leaving their body. This mechanic nearly guarantees PvP will never give loot. Additionally, this opens up the possibility of players using suicide attacks on bases or just in general, with players dying near vehicles and bases then detonating with the force of a satchel charge. It's a trolling mechanic I'm afraid. This is the equivalent of throwing a fit because you lost and as you said "Want to play Epoch? Then be prepared to lose all your shit at a moments notice."
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