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  1. with the code that you passed me it has worked, but now it does not work when you die tell on the map "my body" :/
  2. if, I mean the ESS Spawn Selector. Sorry for giving little information, what I'm going is that, let me respawn in the same place as I died.
  3. friends, it does not work the "bodycheck" change it to 2500, but with my friends tried to kill me in zelenogorks and when I choose to be born zelenogorks keeps telling me, what would be wrong? thanks guys..
  4. yes, that same, thank you very much friend :)
  5. I wanted to know how to make it no vehicles all destroyed by the map and also the vehicles appearing open by default. also sometimes I buy a vehicle and disappears after the restart, any solution? Thank you
  6. as are the ports of steam? I just think they are already open. I can enter from the option "remote" but does not appear elsewhere. and the launcher is not blocked
  7. Hello people. I ready my server, I charge my vps, but when I open it does not appear in, for example, day z launcher. I need to do to display? thank you very much
  8. no, not give any mistake .. if you follow the steps as such this should go in the most correct way. :)
  9. hahaha yes juan :) thx for the help bro!!
  10. THANK YOU FOR READING. This debug is very similar to one offered by a service. After so long, I armed my own Latin American server. I had everything in place as wanted, but something was missing .. I was missing the debug. I've been looking for various topics, several forums, or maybe if there was someone who could share it with the community, and I have not succeeded. So why (besides being a beginner) I read about how. I will come to share that secure more than one (like me) you are looking for. THESE ARE THE STEPS. Step 1) Go to your "MPMissions" folder, then "DayZ_Epoch_11.Chernarus" (or as your folder is called). If you have a folder named "Custom" in there create a folder called "Debug" and create a file with the following custom_monitor.sqf in and keep within it. Step 2) Within the "Debug" folder create another debug_init.sqf file with the following. IMPORTANT: This debug is hidden by mouse wheel. Since doing so by a key is broken. Step 3) Go to your "init.sqf" and go to the bottom of everything and paste the following. If all goes well, when you open the server will see the debug so. View image. :) Well, I hope you like it. It's my first "edition" you could say, so try to do it the best way. I hope to move forward and continue sharing. Many thanks to user "Juandayz" for all the support he gave me. See you soon!
  11. As I can do to make it not total darkness? If not that night but can see a little?
  12. Good community. I'm looking for your help. I want to edit several things and I'll leave here below: 1) Edit humanity with which to be villain and hero, I want it to be: + 5000k -5000k hero and villain. From where and how I edit it? 2) Mankind when one kills the other, this way: Kills Bandit Bandit Neutral Kills Bandit Hero Kills Bandit Neutral Kills Bandit Neutral Neutral Kills Neutral Kills Hero Hero Kills Bandit Hero Kills Neutral Hero Hero Kills As I can edit each of those? 3) Humanity is killed when a zombie 4) And mankind to help a colleague to give blood, bandaging, give or painkiller morphine. Well, I have been looking but I did not find the way. I hope you can help me because I need just that to finish my server. Thank you so much guys. (And sorry for my English, I use an online translator).
  13. Chino

    Debug Monitor Infistar

    sorry, I did not know he had to have more than 50 messages to ask for a debug monitor .. as I said, no problem, I will use another debug and ready, because if you do not get that.
  14. Chino

    Debug Monitor Infistar

    Only you had asked if you shared the debug monitor, I edited the rest, as many said here, that monitor debugging is published. I could not find it, but not you asked. But there's no problem. I have it without paying. ;)
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