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  1. Hi. So i've been playing epoch on and off since 2013 ( i guess? back when you sometimes would spawn as bird ...) and every time me and my pals played it (or any survival game, for that matter) we run into the same problem: After a few weeks, once your base is "finished" and your have your favorite rifle multiple times on storage, as well as everything else you need to survive, the game becomes kinda boring. Sure there are missions, you can go player hunting/base raiding and so on, but that doesnt keep you (or at least us) playing for that much longer. So, what i toughed could counter that, with some inspiration from the great eve online: How about every town, village, logging camp, production plant and so on on the map gets some kind of "capturable" building, that would spawn a certain ammount of some ressource, per day, based on its "kind". Like, a small town would give you enough food and water to sustain your group for that day, a industrial zone building would spawn industrial loot stuff, big cities could spawn high tier loot, and so on. These buildings could be capturabel each day at a certain hour (like, lets say, 20:00 server time) with some minor obstacles in the way to prevent someone from just walking in, so the "owners" have time to rush "home" and try to defend", but removable easy enough that you dont have to grind for days to mount an attack. (So new or small groups can jump right in to the fun) This could be pushed even further by allowing a small number of certain deployable defence items, like sandbags, barbed wire, and so on. Well, that's basically it - it is possible? Is it feasible? Would you guys like it? Please like, share and subscribe ;) regards hausser
  2. Afaik, some a3 patch last year broke the epoch servers for a while, Ark:survival evolved, exile and frankys fake exile-with-zombies video
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