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  1. That's a great idea -- I've added it to the future features list :) Check the 1.3-dev branch ;) https://github.com/nevadascout/dash-core/tree/dev-1.3
  2. It'll be great to hear your feedback! Yep! This is the biggest feature we've got planned for Dash. Should be arriving in the 2.0 update in a few months time
  3. I intend to develop this long term, and indeed - the source code is available so other people are free to fork it or submit pull requests and I'm happy to merge them in. The SQF compiler and error checker are due for version 2.0, which is a higher priority than the RPT analyser. I want to make this the best possible editor for SQF that it can be, so don't worry about that side of things. There will be a few updates before 2.0 hits which focus on stability, but 2.0 will be the update that has the major enhancements as far as writing SQF goes. I assume you mean me? I'm the developer of Dash :) I honestly had given no thought in regards of licences. I'll have a think and publish one later on. Dash is free software that is open source. The only thing I would have an issue with is, if someone forked dash then started selling it. Anything else is (probably) okay by me.
  4. Currently, it doesn't do any auto-updating for files that are changed outside the editor, however for log files, I've been talking to someone on Reddit who suggested implementing an RPT analyser that will run in real time as you're testing your script in Arma. You'll be able to see what's going on as it happens, and go directly to the code causing any errors. Agreed - custom syntax highlighting themes are on the roadmap to come fairly soon :) And yep, the SQF compiler will pick up things like this as you're typing. It'll get highlighted with a red wavy underline and will refuse to compile :) More details here: https://github.com/nevadascout/dash-core/issues/71
  5. Glad you like it! I can't wait for the compiler either :D If you've got any suggestions, let me know :)
  6. Cheers man :D Any bugs/suggestions - let me know :)
  7. I've gotten a lot of great feedback on the Reddit post for it, as well as several new bug reports on GitHub. I'm keen to make Dash the best possible tool for editing SQF, so if you like it now, you'll love what I've got planned for the future ;)
  8. Yep, it has everything I could pull off the Wiki so all the new commands from Arma 3 should be in there. If you find something that's not there, or has the wrong syntax highlighting, let me know! I always used Notepad++, but got annoyed when I'd make silly errors like missing a semi-colon or naming a variable wrong -- and only find out 10 minutes later when I've finally loaded into Arma... "ArmaSense" should help with the latter as it suggests variables and auto-completes their names for you, and the built-in SQF compiler I've got planned for 2.0 will (hopefully) eliminate the former. It'll be awesome when I get the Visual Studio-style red wavy underlines working. That's what I'm looking forward to most!
  9. Thanks man! :) Ooh, that's a good point! I've added a new issue for this. Thanks for the feedback!
  10. Introducing "Dash" - The most advanced SQF editor for Arma ever built. Features: Dash has many features that aim to make writing SQF code as painless as possible: - It has full support + syntax highlighting for SQF and SQM files, with the other file types (.ext, .cpp, etc) coming soon. - It features the "ArmaSense" code-completion engine that suggests Arma script commands and user defined variables as you are typing. - You can fold code inside curly braces, or create your own folding areas using "//#region" and "//#endregion" to hide code between the two comments. Planned Features: - Enhanced "ArmaSense" code-completion to suggest user variables that are in scope and defined in any file in the project - SQF Lexer/Parser to provide Microsoft Word or Visual Studio-style wavy red underlines underneath code that does not compile -- without the need to run your code through a compiler - RPT file analyser that can link you straight to the code that caused the error you're looking at - Work directly inside PBO files without needing to pack/unpack them (great for server admins working on their mission/server pbos) - Custom themes to allow you to change the syntax highlighting colours as you want Screenshots: An example of the "ArmaSense" code-completion engine: In Summary: Dash is being actively developed by myself. It's written in C# and the source code is openly available on GitHub, along with the issue tracker (please, feel free to lend a hand! :) ) The full website for the project is here: http://dash.nevadascout.com which includes a download for the installer for the latest version (v1.2 at the time of writing). I'm interested to see what you guys think of this, let me know below! :)
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