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  1. hi! after calling the vehicle maintenance menu, there is an automatic repair, all parts of the vehicle except the glass. attached video . Server- Epoch vanilla map-esseker. Dedicated server Linux-Debian9. thx! https://youtu.be/ybgbcH6YWMw
  2. Thank you for the answer! Sorry for my English. I use a little translator. Unfortunately I can not fully contribute to the development of Epoch mod, just starting out, trying to write my own scripts, but not to alter someone else's. ACE mod does not require a large integration, but to do saving and loading of variables of the health status of the player in the database. But it will immediately add to my favorite Epoch mod, more realistic and increase the difficulty.
  3. Hi! Why not make support for the ACE mod ? this is a great mod with a good medical system, etc
  4. It would be great! I added trader who has a variety of products, depending on the Karma of the player.
  5. Hi! how to save karma after death?
  6. You can open locked safes and lockbox, if you can put any item and open the inventory, hover over him.
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