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  1. Base build 1.3 has toggable roofs, keypad entry. 100X better bases to be made. check it out please. Excuse the video. collect scrap metals and so forth. Build a flag (you can add others to it) then build to hearts content, providing you have the parts. All works with epoch build system. controls get displayed by a hud on the right hand side to show you raise lower and move keys.
  2. Stop scripting. If you are going to cry about not being paid thanks for your work, simply stop making it. Easy solution tbh. Or you can keep making stuff and releasing it and realise ppl are ungreatful, and not cry about it and have a happier life, and save 2 mins of your life by not postiung a rant about ungreatful people that will acheive nothing.
  3. And yet FPG are still a advertised banner on the epoch boards. GG.
  4. i rememeber saying these ppls would end up as shit hosts and they stated they wouldn't. Guess i was right lads, aye.
  5. B4ND1T

    future updates

    I think they are reasnoble things to be concerned about. I await you being shot down in flames though.
  6. Paying for a game; cool beanz......................... Paying for a mod of a game; wait a minute.................. What's next? Paying for an update of the mod/game; Fuck off! If modders grumble about time invested and effort applied, and not making money. Then simply don't continue, stop doing it, step away. You decided to make the mod (freely) You can also decide to stop if you think you deserver money. Or you can decide to sell the mod via different means than steam, then watch your populace of gamers migrate over to other games while you drift into obscurity.
  7. i purchased this game after he pointed it out just to look at it and compare. Well, there really isn't a comparason to be made. Life is Fuedal is clunky, the menus are terrible and movement seems and looks unatural. It's build mechanisms are good however, no denying that. Shortly after playing it for a bit today, i then bought Reign of Kings (which is much more fun) and a mix of Rust/Medievil makes the player base that frequent Rust seem almost normal. It's much more fun with the even wackier player base and crazyness that the players provide. That is once you get past the hack fest that Reign of Kings is. I shall spend my time on Reign of Kings until Arma 3 Epoch is more complete; and as he says earlier, they stop adding things and adress bugs more. (no slant on them) They have to keep people playing by constantly adding things to keep the children amused with shiney new stuff, but he is right in that it does look like more important things like bug fixing are pushed to the back over adding in new content. Que It's 30% complete alpha mod of an alpha game. And the list of other shit that will be used to retort with. I get it ;) You dont need to bang that gong with me.
  8. Bollocks...............you're doing it for money...............you're not releasing the patch quick enough.....................................self advertising..............................Shit hosting company.....................I'm only joking folks :p Nice offer for people who dont have a TS3 Home.
  9. And as long as they keep throwing $100 donations to the Epoch dev team they will continue to be official supporters ;) This is what makes people hate them even more..............................................
  10. Self help, change from GTX. they are shit!
  11. B4ND1T

    GTA V

    pre-ordered it and half way into the stupid 60gig download.
  12. lol is this a fix for the fix?
  13. B4ND1T

    Skalisty Bridge

    it works fine. you are clearly doing something wrong.
  14. Tbh this is not a troll and please dont take it as such, but i hope they dont win; Now the reasoning behind this, is and was, because they were touting the "we arent doing this for money line" I'd hate to see them as hypocrytes by winning. They have always stated this is a free mod made for free and freely given to the community. Que the but what about our hours of work and hours of time invested. Simply dont do it then; simply just say you're doing it to make money. Rant over.
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