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  1. One correction to your code, you were missing [] after your position. I've corrected it below. Assuming "marker1" is placed on the map. You can place this in the init.sqf. Make sure its spawn via the server, not the client because it won't be JIP synced and cause issues with other players. if (isServer) then ( _veh = createVehicle ["dar_hummerh1", getMarkerPos "marker1", [], 0, "NONE"]; );Or if you have access to Debug Monitor/Editor console in game, you can spawn it using that.
  2. He means using createVehicle command. More information: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/createVehicle You will have to change up the code to make it work with what you want to spawn. _veh = createVehicle ["INSERT_CLASSNAME", position player, [], 0, "NONE"];
  3. Hey Horbin, I've ran into an issue and it's boggling me. I've used this same exact update for a month now and didn't have any issues, but this time, I load into the server and it keeps on failing to load because a file called "BaseServerData.sqf" is missing. I've checked your github and the file doesn't exist there as well. I even checked back to previous versions of fuMS to see if it's ever existed and I cannot find this file. Just to make sure, I've downloaded the entire pack from github and did a fresh install and it's still failing to load. Can you help? Thank you
  4. Refueling works, even with RHS vehicles. This is the gas station in Kula. http://puu.sh/jdv7X/f4368d3f7b.png If that doesn't work, you can always increase the range of the refueling scan in the server files. @epochhive\addons\a3_epoch_server\compile\epoch_vehicle\EPOCH_server_fillVehicle.sqf if(_plyr distance _ab > 20)exitWith{}; This line is looking for how far the player is from a refueling point, if they are more than 20 meters, it ends the script. So change that 20 to something bigger. I have mine set to 50 and it seems to work just fine, and it will even refuel the big helicopters on the roof of the gas stations. :D
  5. Hello everyone, I am at a loss. I run a bunch of extra mods on my server, and everything works fine. I can run the HS Traders script without any issues, but the second I add anything to HSPricing.hpp, the server won't load. I switch it back to the original file, it works fine. Below is my pastebin link to the file I am using. I've recreated this file twice with no luck. I really want to be able to add all the extra mods into the traders so players can buy/sell them. Can anyone help? http://pastebin.com/zNgtj8tJ Thank you!
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