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  1. maca134

    New Melee weapon.

    Epoch is slowly turning into a joke, seriously... Broad SwordMilitary AIFantasy based "sappers"DronesCloak guys based off a doctor who monsterhigh tech bikesIts a miss-matched collection of elements that have no connection... You guys always say you have more to add but were is it over a year later... It Epoch has such a good mod why does/did axles server run custom mods? Surely a dev should "support" his own mod :P
  2. Either way, still look crap :D and html/css is fairly easy to change. Also devs could buy a forum theme with all the GSP donations.
  3. This new forums design is utter crap. Why did they change it lol...
  4. This is what happens when a dev team disregards there players!
  5. Its nice to see the devs respect your work enough to let you know... bad form :(
  6. Epoch devs felt the need to ban the author, maybe try the skype group they set up.
  7. How come dzl isnt on the frontpage of this site? It has all the other ones and there crap? Who uses play with 6 lel
  8. Good thing the epoch devs baked Sauerland into the mod... Getting loads of updates now!
  9. maca134


    What did he do :o
  10. This is what happens when you have a small team and refuse to let anyone else help... I also presume, the drive has died off abit too. Awol, get the mod on GitHub and let others help you push the mod further.
  11. upvoted too! IF this gets in, we're all FUCKED :d
  12. https://github.com/maca134/m3editor ;)
  13. this maybe? there is a convert.htm attached to the post
  14. OP UPDATE I have added all the source to GitHub https://github.com/maca134/m3editor So if anyone feels like doing some commits, go right ahead :D
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