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  1. 1. CPC HardCore (, 1.3.6) 2. Ceh 3. Had died in the mosquito helicopter, respawned, runnnig across a field and.... bam.
  2. What about muppets, they might be offended?
  3. Čeh

    About PhysX

    What do you mean by not being able to build helipads? I built a structure, flat roof, no problems landing. EDIT: Ah, image helped... OK :) Also, hoverbases are possible in A3 too....
  4. As per title - shopping trolley that players could push around like little hobos :) Relatively large capacity (more than motorbike/atv), no engine or lock.
  5. Or freetrack, facetracknoir was always kinda buggy for me
  6. True, but you still pass through the lobby. Plus, there are online services that query the player list and display them on their websites....
  7. I forgot where my base is, can someone help me look?
  8. Epoch Arma 1.34.128075 CPC Hardcore Landed a helicopter (littlebird), after 10 or so seconds my client froze. Passengers exited, and I had to forcefully end the arma3.exe process. As soon as I did, the helicopter exploded. UPDATE: Had same situation in a car. No explosion.
  9. Now that's thinking outside the box :) Great work!
  10. Hmmm, not a rule - yesterday had a crash, some bodies were ejected, some not... go figure.
  11. And a MLRS for me, while we're at it... :P Would you like also integral scope w/ thermal, night, ragefinder, autoclick and get out of jail free card? :D :D JK :) IMO what you're asking for would be very much OP. Dragunov would be nice tho :)
  12. Choppers can currently be used only for fun IMO - any looting or transport of valuables is out of the question.
  13. It is to do with https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setTerrainGrid - terrain gets approximated at distances in order to lessen the stress on the CPU.
  14. Epoch Arma 1.34.128075 CPC Hardcore Wearing a ghillie, wanted to take AI's clothes in my backpack by dragging them into the backpack contents area. Wouldn't go in, but a copy of my ghillie (!) would be dropped next to the AI's body. Rest as per other reports - duped ghillie had same contents as mine (a whole lotta swings).
  15. As I stated earlier, I like the new FM for the challenge it introduces (just to be clear) :) Anyway, I read a lot of people mentioning realism and comparing to RL helicopters - are you guys pilots IRL? I mean, I agree with your arguments and opinions, it's just that it's unusual how peopple are trying to compare our in-game experience with RL, and my assumption is that the chances are low that we have that many pilots here :)
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