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  1. im sure if u add hookers to script as an update many ppl would like it script runs awesome ty, players were happy about having them work and asked if there was a way to make cost coins. i have told them it tkx to u and will place credit for script to u on our website with other script credits
  2. ty for quick post have put it in server this one works no errors gonna make players very happy tyvm im off to work now love this not sure y more servers not running this script
  3. "Hooker1","Hooker2","Hooker3","Hooker4" these are the ids for the ones that i have in game was going to try again later as just about to slp for work later i have been tring to work this out any help would be greatly appreciated im not worried about animations just having scroll to work is more than enough for us had alot of good feedback from players on this script tyvm
  4. ty was just looking at another post further up another person said he has put in hookers in vans thought id try something simular as the banker on my server gives the scroll option my players loving the script ty works grate
  5. have on my server trying to get hookers to work not getting scroll option i also noticed the download i got may have been missing a script there is a call for "scripts\zims\sexscripts\sexhuman.sqf" was not in the sexscript folder
  6. im running a overpoch cherno server rented through gtx been trying to find how to set custom day night cycle so in 4 hr restarts players get a short period of night been searching the net and trying a few scripts for this but cant find one newer than 2015 need some help
  7. have you had any experience with adding single currency to a villayer server as im stuck trying to add it to mine . already had villayer put in the dll files but when i put in the server and mission files it just comes up at wait for host and stays that way for 20 min +
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