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  1. I think you posted on the channel. The one you are looking for is Arma 2 dayz Epoch. unless you tried to put arma 2/Dayz epoch on DayZ SA, then you'll have bigger server issues that might be helped.
  2. I thought the acog has zeroing. it might be one of those update issues. Like they would get the range finder to work then send out an update, with nothing to do with the range finder. Then the range finder is all furbar again.
  3. There so many new and good mods coming out every day. The trouble is, some mods require type.xml or event.xml script to be added. Like vehicles, clothes, food, ect. Then when Dayz devs puts out an update it sends these .xml files back to default. Then I was thinking what if we had a custom type.xml and a type.xml file (same with the event too), where we can put the mod script into and have the game call from both files. example: All the mod's type.xml scripts will go into "custom type.xml" The dayz update new data will stay in the "type.xml" So we can continue to get all the new update items and it wont effect the mods that we have on our server, and vice versa. This would be a win win for the Devs and the modding community. I was thinking of just adding custom type.xml call script, but cant find where the type.xml call script is located at in the pbo files. "Any Ideas" on how to go about doing this will be very helpful and appreciated.
  4. I'll still have to move over all my other .sqf files, since I think it was step 3 that was throwing it off. I'll still give it another try and see what happens.
  5. Ok I got it to work, this is what I did. 1. create a folder named newbuildings. 2. moved my .sqf (kamenka.sqf) files into the newbuildings folder 3. edited the kamenka.sqf file by taking out "if (isServer) then { _vehicle_1 = objNull; if (true) then" line, anything above that like title or who made it, and }; at the bottom so its nothing but codes. 4. I moved the whole folder into the dayz_server.pbo 5. I edited the dayz_server\init\server_functions with this at the bottom [] ExecVM "\z\addons\dayz_server\newbuildings\kamenka.sqf"; with no closing }; at the end. 6. booted up my server, it took a little longer to log in but not bad. Then "badda bing" it worked.
  6. nope now I'm getting a long loop of requesting authentication, then about 50 sec in I get "you must be close to mine ore" then nothing but logo screen. 1. this is what I did a new file named newbuildings in the dayz_server.pbo, 2. in that file 2 .sqf files named execution.sqf & kamenka.sqf, 3. execution.sqf is edited with call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_server\newbuildings\kamenka.sqf"; 4. then edited the server_functions.sqf with this execVM "\z\addons\dayz_server\newbuildings\execution.sqf"; Do you think it might be the kamenka.sqf file itself, this is where i got it from https://github.com/IanHardy/ChernarusBuildings/blob/master/kamenka.sqf . I just don't understand, why does it work in mpmission files and not server side.
  7. I ran into something weird while trying to set up a new town kamenka. I got it to work in the mpmission files, by editing the init.sqf file, but when I take it out of there to load from server side it wont load in. I don't get no error messages, its just not there. I loaded the file into the dayz_server.pbo, in newbuildings/kamenka.sqf. Then I edited the server_functions.sqf with this line at the bottom [] execVM "\z\addons\dayz_server\newbuildings\kamenka.sqf"; and nothing happens So what am I overlooking her, any help will do.
  8. Back when I setup up my Epoch server, I got alot of help from the TS epoch channel. I asked that very question back then, I was told then there was no plans on adding this into dayz epoch. I agree with you, it would be great but don't hold your breath.
  9. Ok, yea when I made mine server, I went through like 10 or 15 videos. Til I found that one, he is one of the best. Plus he has more videos out there, for all the editing servers to. Most of them are for Epoch.
  10. Watch this video this helped me out alot. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A6xrSn4jp6M This is the one i used to set up my server and a test server. I run the main server from my Desk top, and test server from my lap top. If you are planning on cutting cost and run the main server, from your own pc, you'll need a server OS for more then 10+ ppl. If only small group or just test server, reg OS like win 7 or win 8 will be just fine.
  11. I'll have to bring up my test server for this one, I didn't know how many files that had to be edited. I'll redo each steps on my test server with backups. Incase something goes wrong. I can't keep my players down to much longer. the good thing is most of my players they work on the oil rigs, so I got about a week before they return home.
  12. Ok you said in the other post, you didn't know about How would go about doing it in since only a few files was changed and class names. I'm pretty sure the infection chances would still be the same. If you can walk me through how to edit it on, it may work its worth a try. I am sorry for the last post I'm not a real fan of fourms, I mostly read and not post. the reason being most ppl read the post, and see that I'm still running non-steam arma 2. Then they drone on about the upgrade to steam, its like they turn into amway ppl for steam. I have my reason for not going to steam, I don't want to go in to it. "No I wasn't ban off of steam or anything like that."
  13. Well to be honest, I can't run higher then 103718 in dayz epoch due to the stuck at loading screen error. I know its files not the build, but I can't use nothing higher then that on arma 2 without my game crashing or AI just shoots at trucks only. Anything else they just sit there, where you can walk up to them and shoot them in the head.
  14. If the 1.0.6 is coming out, i hope he rolls it back to work with build 103718, cause the other one is unstable & crap. If he can get it to work with both would be great too. :D
  15. Ok this is what I did so far, 1. in the mpmission file 11.cherno I made a folder called fixes 2. I copy compiles.sqf & remove.sqf files to fixes folder. 3. I edited compiles.sqf line 34 to player_removeObject = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "fixes\remove.sqf"; 4. I edited remove.sqf line 189 to _refundpart = ["PartEngine","PartGeneric","PartFueltank","PartWheel","PartGlass","ItemJerrycan","ItemDocument","ItemBriefcaseEmpty","ItemWaterbottleUnfilled","ItemHotwireKit","ItemComboLock","ItemWire","PartVRotor","ItemGPS","ItemSledge"] call BIS_fnc_selectRandom; 5. I edited my init.sqf file line 69 to call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "fixes\compiles.sqf"; //Compile regular functions Tryed "fixes\system\compiles.sqf"; it gave me errors till I took \system out of the line. now I'm still only getting car parts, I'm wondering if there is another file, that needs to be edited.
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