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  1. So with that bikey thing you can host epoch/overpoch server on new map? Haven't seen any servers using new taviana.
  2. Is there a chance for new content besides BB gun? If you guys came up with new stuff to build it would be 10/10
  3. Hey, i was wondering if it's possible to make some underground areas, something that you would dig down during ww2 etc
  4. Chewie

    Napf secrets ?

    can you help me with location of this one? i found all the other caves apart from that edit: nevermind, it's the one i saw but didn't look inside, got all of them now
  5. arma 2 epoch died too fast, there is still lot of people who don't want to switch because they didn't like the mod for arma 3 in it's current state
  6. my treehouse i built some time ago on taviana, forgot to put high settings for screenshots but it's long gone now might seem familiar if you seen latest frankie video, ccg admin copied this to namalsk so i was a bit confused when watching it...
  7. I read somewhere(can't find it now) that you can just put ladders on top of each others and you don't need to put a floor on each level. Can someone explain how exactly it's supposed to look like? i always fall off when i try something like that. Cheers
  8. Id love to see some more base customisation and decoration, seen some mod that adds furniture and other stuff to bases. And if they had functionality, like furnace that you could use to warm up with bigger radius than barrels.
  9. Will you make some more places with base building potential like underground bunkers etc? Is there any chance for namalsk atmosphere? Cheers
  10. Looks good. What about the pine trees? They make namalsk really pretty even from a distance.
  11. Chewie

    Napf secrets ?

    I posted one in spoiler on page 2 but propably it's not the one you talking about.
  12. since when you can rotate stuff in epoch?
  13. Chewie

    Napf secrets ?

    btw do you guys know if there are any places on napf where you could build something like underground little bunker? holes in the ground etc
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