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Asian Kid

[Resources] - DayZ Epoch Additions

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Hello everyone this is everything for Epoch, such as scripts, map add-ons and much more. I hope this help you from trying the scripts that won't work and help you from jumping all over the forums.



Last updated Aug 6 2013



$ - Working

* - Not Working

# - May not work/needs testing/re coded


Format Example


Small description


Before you start I recommend to get these

Notepad++ (Highly recommend)


Arma Edit Update

ArmaScript Recoded

More to be added later


Class Names

Arma 2

Arma 2 OA


Epoch Class Names


Links to check out

Dayz Epoch Wiki

SQL server clean up





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Epoch Mission PBO addons

Not fully done

Tested something PM


Sarge AI Framework - Sarge

Adds AI into your server


Self Booldbag - Krixes

Lets you give yourself a bloodbag


Tent Healing - Krixes

Heals you when you sleep in a tent


$Auto refuel - muddr

Make fuel pumps work at gas stations

Update for epoch (refuel trucks)

Fast Rope - Kind-Sir

Lets you repel from a chopper


Debug Monitor with toggleable function - Matt L

On/Off Debug Monitor


Custom map markers -lazyink

Lets you add custom markers on the map


Color Correction - Tiger

Changes the color tones


Towing/lift - swampfox424

Lets you tow and lift vehicles


$Dayz House Lights - axeman

Add lights inside buildings


$Dayz Illumination Tower Lights -axeman

Add lights to light towers


$ Street Lights - axeman

Adds lights to the streets


Cannibalism - seaweeduk

Allows you to gut and eat players


Headshot Suicide - Grafzhl

Lets you kill yourself


$ Adding custom map markers the easy way - Asian Kid

Adds markers to the map


$ Weapon cache Jack Marslow

Adds weapons creates in the map


Safe Zones with godmode - kris

Protects you in the radius


Knockout - PLayer2

Lets you knock people


Ground Fog - Andrew_s90

Adds fog to the ground of the map


Snow - Audio Rejectz

Adds snow to the ground of the map


Excelsior Bridge v1.2 Excelsior

Adds a bridge to Skalisty


$ Booby Trap - Matt L

A trap that explodes when you get close


$ Remove skins  - Churchie
Lets you take off peoples skins (example ghillie suit)


$ Safe Zone - ghostphntom172

Stops gunfire in the radius


$ Halo Jump  - Unkinhead

Adds sky diving into your server


# Halo Jump At Spawn - Unkinhead

Skydiving when you spawn


* Custom Death Screen - xeonon

Adds different death screen

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Epoch Server PBO addons

Not fully done

Tested something PM



Base Building - daimyo21

Lets you build things in dayz


# Base Building improvements - kikyou2

Add/changes things to base building


DZAI Lite - Buttface

Adds AI through the server pbo


Anti hack - x00

Xoo is a fake steals from infiSTAR new link goes to infiSTAR webpage.


# Anti-combat logging - superlub

Stops combat loggers from leaving


# Random Clothing Parcels - seaweeduk

Adds more skins


#Animated Heli Crashes - grafzah

Make heil crashes more real


Animated C130 crashes - Grosy

Make C130 crashes more real


# Wardrobe - Freaking Fred

Scrollwheel menu to change clothing 


$ Dayz Mission System - Lazyink

Adds missions like wasteland

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I would recommend changing "Not Working" to "Not Working/Bugged"

If you could plop the Resources thread that was posted on OpenDayZ in the original post, you could refer more people to there.
I am currently reworking a website for DayZ resources, and hopefully I can migrate it to it's own webhost.


The Resources thread listed above supplies some tutorials, so you could title it as a post with other additions and tutorials.

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Hello, I have tried the self blood bag and tent healing.  They work however they disable the trader menu's.  Is there a update for this? 

@FFDP do you still have the script for the fill water bottle with rain water script?




"SelfBloodbag" is now built into standard epoch 

DZE_selfTransfuse_Values =[12000, 0.5, 240];
DZE_selfTransfuse = true;

add that to your init.sqf 



Fill waterbottle with rain > http://opendayz.net/threads/release-bdcs-enhanced-water-bottle-filling-pwnzor0z-1-7-7-1.13210/


As for tent sleep healing I'll have a look for you

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33 minutes ago, juandayz said:

opendayz comunty is down :)

go here


Type the domain and it will bring up the site, you can view most if it

Heres an aexample


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