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    • By must1ka5
      Undead Wasteland Livonia DayZ Server is offering experience what most of servers don't have!
      Server has a reasonable amount of mods (mods what actually is useful and cool) and uses vanilla Livonia map without any custom building bull**st.
      Reasons why you should join Undead Wasteland server, has many
      - Mods what help make game better and for a more lively experience!
      - Vanilla map without any modifications!
      - Server IN EU!
      - 99% lag free (due good costume hosting on high performance system with lighting fast fiber internet connection)!
      - Users support and feedback!
      - Automatic server restarts, after every 5 hours!
      - In game help and commands system!
      and many other awesome features, so come yourself to discover even more!
      Server info
      Server Name: Undead Wasteland Livonia Trader|Items|Airdrop|Mission
      Server IP:
      Server Location: Netherlands
      Available via DZSA Launcher or official launcher.
      Announce!!! Correctly we are looking new staff members to our administrators team.
      Please join and start discover Undead Wasteland DayZ server!
      See you Survivor!
    • By Adam1911
      TWZ - The Walking Z Overpoch Server
      Server IP:
      Discord: Discord
      Website: Website
      Top Server Features:
      PvE Only Server.
      Dedicated server for max performance.
      6 Hour Restarts.
      Full day/night cycle. (No Voting)
      Indestructible bases.
      Custom AI Missions.
      High loot spawns.
      Slow (Walking) Zombies.
      Custom Traders. (10k/50k/100k/500k humanity)
      Paychecks every hour. (Scales with humanity)
      Humanity Quests.
      Anit Stealing for all vehicles. (Prevents anyone from stealing your vehicles)
      Simi Militarised.
    • By must1ka5
    • By Vladick
      BSBS Server IP:
      Website: https://bsbsepoch.000webhostapp.com/
      Discord: https://discord.gg/PVn8PvG
      Server Features:
      PvPvE Database wiped 1/5/18 ESS V3 spawn selection Coins and Global Banking WAI missions and Roaming DZAI Bandits Customized map additions Skalisky Bridge Skalisky Island Bandit Camp with high loot (fun mission!) Garage Door Opener Virtual Garage Deploy bike Refuel, Repair, Rearm Take clothes Bury Body Butcher Body Locate vehicle with keys and GPS One plot poll per player Indestructible bases Trader Safe Zones Day/Night Schedule 4-hour restarts
    • By FG_Trap
      Made this in my free time awhile ago thought id make it public.
      Right Alt is the key to open the menu.
      Install instructions are inside the download.
      here is a picture of the server menu
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