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[RELEASE] Event Area or PVP Zone W/ScreenShots

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Thought Id share something one of our members made for our event days.






To get this on your server follow these instructions.

Extract your dayz_server.pbo and make a new folder inside it called buildings.

Download and put this inside your new buildings folder LINK

Now find server_functions.sqf inside your init folder and edit it.

All the way at the bottom add the following:

//Custom Map Additions
[] execVM "\z\addons\dayz_server\buildings\NapfEventZone.sqf";                //Event Zone for Napf - By Harkness
Re-pack pbo.
The Area is situated on one of the smaller islands just off the west coast.

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hi there, i do really love this, would there be any possibilty of getting the biedi file ?? Id want to put this on chernarus and taviana somewhere too...



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ive got 50 ais, 7 static mgs and 1 paradrop inforcement with 20 people in there xD and 3 ammoboxes, fun like hell xD - im gonna insert this on chernarus on skalisty and taviana on some island too..

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Hi Nocturnal, Thanks for the addon I am using it on my server as a AI strong hold with 40 AI and a Custom weapons & building supplies box.


WaTTe could you upload the Biedi I used a online converter but all the items where if different pos and floating in the air, :(


I want to move the stairs a bit as they are a bit in the way thanks.

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it moved a little for me to, but thats because of the init section you need to edit the vector up and setpos commands properly...

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@Carp, This was made for epoch, don't know where you got unleashed from.  :huh:


@Magaz Glad you like it dude, Follow what waTTe is saying and edit the vector and set pos to your liking, you can do this through the included script look for:

_this setVehicleInit "this allowDamage false; this setVectorUp [x,x,x];
_this setPos [xxxx.xxxx, xxxx.xxxx, x.xxxxxxx];
and change xxx to what you like.
Enjoy  :D

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Im glad you like it insertcoins. Also iv just looked it over and there's no Unit left in my script, (That I can see.) That phantom Unit your seeing must be from something else you have running. Dynamic AI maybe  :D


_unit_13 = objNull;
if (true) then
  _this = _group_0 createUnit ["BAF_Soldier_AA_DDPM", [1418.8604, 8984.2666, 8.058548e-005], [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"];
  _unit_13 = _this;
  _this setUnitAbility 0.60000002;
  if (true) then {_group_0 selectLeader _this;};
  if (true) then {selectPlayer _this;};


line 7064

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