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Problem adding items and vehicles to traders, vilayer

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Hey all,

I have been having a constant problem with trying to add items to traders on my server.

I have tried adding weapons to hero and bandit traders, like m107, aswell as ammo, and then vehicles like jets and tanks. I have added items to traders before on old servers I hosted, so I am not a noob to doing this, but for some reason, When I add the data into the database, it all comes up in the SQL file, so I can't understand why it doesn't work in the server.

What I have done:

Enter in all the data into the MySQL database (I am using Navicat Lite) into the Trader_Data table, Trader_Items, and also created the Trader_TIDS for the vehicles and other items that don't fall into an existing category.

Made sure that all Trader TIDS match my Servers trader instances.

In game:

In game when I go to the traders the normal tabs/categories load in the left hand menu.

When I click on one of the default tabs with added in items (eg. Cinder blocks at stary), normal items load but none of the new ones.

When I click on a new tab (eg. Jet planes at hero trader) it says loading items for a minuscule of a second then disappears with no items loaded. Very similar to the issues I experience a few days ago with traders not working at all.

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Make sure your TID is correct, or it won't show in the vendor listing. It's a lot more accurate to open server_traders.sqf for the server to get the correct TID then to try and use the Trader_TID table.  It's very easy to grab the TID from another server instance in error.

If you're trying to use a new TID for a new menu, remember you have to add that TID menu call to the vendor in the server_traders.sqf file, or it will never show.

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use private hive tools that are found on these very forums, add items to traders through that, simples.

I use that software daily to add items to traders I also use Heidi sql for maintenance & other tasks, no issues.

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You probably aren't looking at the specifics. Thins like tid's are specific to the trader then the section of the trader then the type of weapon or something like that. For example TID: 485 is the stary trader -> weapons trader -> then the section which i think is assault rifles. Where as-

TID: 487 would be for Stary -> Weapons Trader -> Snipers .. btw not totally sure if that is stary or not


-First thing, find the class name of the thing you want to add into traders (we can use the "M107_DZ" for this example)

-Insert a new row into your "Trader_items" section.

-make the id the next number from the last item in your "Trader_items"

-Class name would be "M107_DZ"

-type would be 3 because it is a weapon

-group would be Rifle Sniper

-and afile would be trade_weapons

-click insert and you are done with the first part


-NEXT find your server_traders.sqf, open it and you will find a list of all the traders and their ID's

-click insert in your traders_data section in ur SQL

-for id again it would be the next to last number in ur ID's

-item is a little complicated but it works like this - ["YOURITEMCLASSNAME",YOUR ITEMS TYPE #]

               so for the M107 it would be - ["M107_DZ",3]

-buy and sell price works like this - [QUANTITY,"CURRENCY CLASS NAME",1]

               so lets say you wanted it to be worth 2 brief cases - [2,"ItemBriefcase100oz",1]

               and sell for 1 brief case - [1,"ItemBriefcase100oz",1]

-now the order number for everything I've seen so far is just "0"

-NOW go back to the server_traders.sqf and find the TID of which where you are adding you item

-and then afile again is trade_weapons


Well this is my best way i can explain it, sorry it might be alittle confusing because I am rushing for breakfast but if you have any more questions let me know. 

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how you add items to this...i added everything. Trader in balota (cdcmod added trader) is holding nothing but looks like rifle in his hand is invisible, and none of the items appear (i cant enter my database through the host server, so forget that option). There has to be another way


this is the mod


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