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When I try to play Dayz Epoch, I get low fps.  I can play any other dayz mods with at least 25-40 fps.  But in any epoch server, The max fps I get is 20.  This might be high ping, I try to join low ping servers, but Dayz Commander has difficulty sometimes giving accurate ping.  I have messed with settings, arma2oa.cfg, and launch parameters to get better performance but it does not help.  Does anyone know how to fix?

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If you are having fps issues, definitely stay away from Chernarus servers. That map is crap. Too many things to render, then you have to deal with all the epoch objects on the map too.

Get on a Sahrani, or Namalsk server. Taviana runs good too.

Upgrade your cpu too if you arent running a newer one. Arma uses a lot of cpu.

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Agree with FFDP about Chernarus.  Also be aware on mature servers with lots of vehicles and building objects.  More things to render on your screen the more crappy your frames get.  Some servers there are so many Mc Laggy Mansions.  :-)


I have a mature Chernarus server with 5500 objects vs a relatively new Panthera with 1500 objects and frames are night and day between the two.  I removed all the objects on Chernarus on a test server (same dedicated box) and frames shot right up.

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