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Mission SQF Manager

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Download:    https://github.com/sam563/MissionSQFManager/releases/tag/1.2

Video Preview: 



Tools for managing Arma generated SQF mission files to make the creation of custom map addons and custom missions easier.

Output Formats

  • Formatted SQF
  • Biedi
  • SQM


  • User inputted formatting of SQF including prefix and suffix lines.
  • Presets that predetermine almost all options defined in and expandable from the config.
  • Option to automatically sort objects by their classname
  • Option to replace object classnames from the config (This is primarily for switching map_eu classnames with their lootable and standard Arma counterparts).
  • Option for converting all positions to positions relative to either a user inputted position, or an automatically determined point (the center point of all objects)
  • Options to filter out Units, Vehicles and Objects
Edited by sam_
Updated to 1.2

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13 minutes ago, looter809 said:

Looks amazing. Can't wait to try it out later and easily make new missions :)

Thanks, let me know if you run into any issues or if there is anything else you would like to see added to it.

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Mission SQF Manager Update

-Added ability to discard vehicles (objects and vehicles now handled uniquely) - Thanks to AirwavesMan for uploading list of vehicles for epoch 1.0.7
-Fixed relative position not updating when a new file is loaded
-Added button to automatically set the relative position to the center of all objects (primarily as a way to revert user inputted relative position)
-Changed default preset
-Filter checkboxes now only enabled when there is more than 0 objects of their type

Download:    https://github.com/sam563/MissionSQFManager/releases/tag/1.1

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Update :)

-Added "Decimal Places" option to determine how many decimal places are used eg. (3 -> 3.141) or (5 -> 3.14159)
-Added "Copy to Clipboard" button to copy current output to clipboard
-Added "Normalize Direction" converts all directional values to be between 0-360
-Fixed regional floating point formatting
-Fixed bug causing the last object to be discarded

Download: https://github.com/sam563/MissionSQFManager/releases/tag/1.2

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