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Survivor Central Epoch Chernarus with Custom AI

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Survival Central - Epoch - Chernarus -

New database.  Epoch with minimal mods.  Custom AI and Missions.  Designed for the experienced player and challenging enough to make it hard to top out.  Roleplay suggested.

Build anywhere, no plot pole required.  No Rules, complete Freedom and Liberty.  Dynamic challenges encourage working together vs working against each other.

Survivors are working to bring safety and security back to Chernarus.  Dynamic AI will increase strength based on average strength and wealth of the player base to keep it a challenge and resist topping out.  Challenges increase as you move to the interior from the coasts.  No Safe Zones!  Trader City Klen and Bash are recommended for safety.  Your safety is guaranteed only by your wit, awareness, and planning.  Stary Sobor is an open war zone.

Mixture of DZAI and WAI.  Religious Extremists fight each other for local control.  Corporate Forces are moving in to take advantage of the power vacuum.  You are stuck in the middle of it all.  Use your patience and wit to succeed.   Take control of WAI AI and Missions for keyed vehicles and building materials.  Build anywhere you like.  No plot pole required, but definitely recommended for security.

Feel free to ask the friendly player population for help, intel, or taxi/air taxi services.


Best of Luck!  Enjoy, have fun!

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