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DayZ_Epoch / Namalsk 0.75


EMP Storms and ASPI Protection Device

Freezing Weather and Slow Zombies

Warm Clothing and APSI @ Traders

Refuel, Repair, Rearm Stations

Remove Clothing From Dead

AI Missions and Events

Super Mutant Attacks

Trader Safe-Zones

Player Kill Feed

Custom Map

Alien Rifle




Click Here For Custom Server Settings

Visit Time2Kill.co.uk for more info

Discord Invite Link

IP Port : 2302

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Hi everyone, I cant say enough how happy im seeing all the people that are still playing this mod in 2020. This server was originally suppose to be private just for me and few friend but we decided to put it public for everyone because there was no other decent Epoch Namalsk servers anymore :(

Here is some recent player requested updates specific to our server:
UPDATE: AntiHack to latest version / Enabling 2 Carry again.
ADDED: Public Bans.txt (Bans most cheaters caught UID's)
UPDATE: Roaming AI & Mission AI to latest version.
ADDED: Gauze /Alien Rifle & Corresponding Ammo to "A2" Loot Spawn ONLY with 25% Chance of spawning.
ADDED: "Namalsk Crisis" Objects to A2.
ADDED: The CalebColin Medical Centre.
ADDED: Service Station Mod; (Refuel/Rearm/Repair)
Refuel Land - 1 10oz Gold
Refuel Air - 3 10oz Gold
Repair Land - 2 10oz Gold
Repair Air - 4 10oz Gold
Rearm - 5 10oz Gold

ADDED: Player Server Menu (press Tab)
ENABLE: Player Kill Feed
ADDED: UZI_SD & Ammo to Hero/Bandit Traders
ADDED: 100Rnd_127x99_M2 Ammo to Hero/Bandit Traders
ADDED: 2000Rnd_762x51_M134 Ammo to Hero/Bandit Traders
ADDED: nsw_er7mm Ammo to Hero/Bandit Traders
FOUND&FIXED: Price difference on Hero/Bandit Traders for MH60S_DZE and CH53_DZE
FOUND&FIXED: Missing Mission Vehicles at traders
REMOVED: Wipe Gear on AI Vehicle Death (Gear will now remain on the AI after death)
REMOVED:  UH60_wreck_EP1 at CalebCollin Hospital
ADDED: Player in-game TAB menu, incl Craft Bike, Suicide, Rules, Server Discord and Forum info, logo etc
ADDED: More Epoch Building Loot to to the AI/Raider Missions "DZMSConSupply" array. Incl - "ItemWoodWall","ItemWoodStairsSupport","ItemWoodLadder","ItemWoodFloorQuarter","ItemWoodFloorHalf","ItemWoodFloor"
ENABLED: Grouping System - F5 allows grouping + With GPS Map Markers for your group members and their dead bodies.

ADDED: 8 Non-AI Mission:
Building Supplies Mission
Pirate Treasure Mission
Special Forces Mission
UN Supply Mission
David Bowie - Labyrinth Mission
Rubble Town Mission
Abandoned Safe Mission
Fuel Station Bomb Mission

FIXED: Issue with Remove Clothes Script causing spam errors on client RPT causing occasional FPS dip

More info Here https://www.time2kill.co.uk/forum/viewforum/9912779/m/18288187

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Here are the latest requests/additions. Have fun.
ADDED: X30 Hero Mission: X30 Bandit Mission;
Static Machine Guns
Armoured Vehicle Mission Patrols
Player Vehicle Gunners Awarded / Removed Humanity Points
Easy Medium Hard Level Missions
MUCH more LOOT crates to be won

ADDED: AI Count to mission markers
ADDED: Pre-Made Item Buildables to Wholesaler Trader(Full Wall/floors/Doors/Ladders etc)
ENABLED: Refund Items on Deconstruction
ADDED: x20 Weapons and LargeGunBag to Traders
INCREASED: Plot Pole Radius - 50mWide 200MHigh
ADDED: Sell Hemp to Dr Zoidberg for 1 Briefcase per Kilo
FIXED: Missions would not spawn in the last hours before restart.
FIXED: All Mission locations to static coords (will cycle through my approved locations)
FIXED: Server Keybind info on Debug Monitor
STARTED: Custom Loot Tables
ADDED: Locate Vehicle Mod - Right Click Map - This will be changed to GPS in the next few days
ADDED: Vehicle Master Keys - Needs 2.5 10oz Gold, KeyMakers Kit and any Key
ADDED: Claim Vehicles - Needs 2.5 10oz Gold, Keymakers Kit and any Key
Server Logs and DataBase now backup on every restart (6 backups per day), Warning! Logs and Files older than 7 days
are not kept if you have any issues try to report within 7 days
ADDED: Vehicle Towing (ATV tow Bikes. Cars tow Cars and Bikes. Trucks tow Cars, Bikes, AIR and other trucks)
More info https://www.time2kill.co.uk/forum/viewforum/9912779/m/18288187

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ADDED: Right Click Crafting (Furniture, Objects, Fortifications etc) Make your base more like a home!
Emerald = Barracks and Fortified Nest Small
Citrine = Baseball, Loudspeaker, Metal Bucket, Video Projector, Wall Lamp, Notebook, Sat Phone, Radio, Small TV, Suitcase
Scrap Metal = Desk, Folding Chair, Folding Table, Small Table, Barrel, Garbage Can
Wood Pile = Rack,Table Big, Shelf, Wood Chair, Park Bench,
Cinder Blocks = Concrete Hedgehog (TankTrap), Concrete RoadBlock1, Concrete RoadBlock2,
Toolbox = Guardhouse
Crowbar = Cargo Container1, Cargo Container 2

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