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A3 Epoch v1.3.3 Update

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Arma 3 Epoch 1.3.3 has been released!

Server Files:

Gamemode File Changes:

Full Changelog:

Client Files:


Server Files are available here: 

Note: this is meant for updates only as there is no DB folder and all configs appended with "-example". The first-time install would need this -example part removed from the file name and the DB folder from Server Files on GitHub. Other than that it should just override and update the server pbo's and mission files and dll's .




  • Some Dupe fixes


  • In some Cases, Players were not able to use Binocular in cargo of Vehicles by using R3F or AdvSlingLoad
  • Player Krypto was not updated in Debug Monitor
  • Ground Loot now shows as "ground" instead of "crate" in inventory
  • Snappoint for half cinder walls on top was not 100% correct


  • Some cleanups for no longer needed scripts
  • Reduced Server calls for Loot Spawn (but not reduced Loot in general!)
  • Replaced Karma by AntagonistKills in Topstats (because Karma is currently broken a bit)
  • Better randomize left Vehicles in Traders (Do not only store Vehicles in Trader Slots order)
  • Removed Thermal from assembled UAVs (by default)

Server Owners

  • Reworked CfgServicePoint a bit (added Vehicles + smaller tweaks)
  • Cleaned up some scripts - more usage of already existing sub functions (EPOCH_server_CargoSave / EPOCH_server_CargoLoad)
  • Option in cfgepochclient "SupressBaseSpawnOnHomekillTime" to prevent Base spawn for xxx seconds after BaseKill
  • Karma variable is currently broken and caused community stats to not save correctly.
    • Community save should be fixed now. Karma is still WIP
  • Added a Config "BaseCamOnlyHome" in cfgepochclient to allow Players to use Basecamterminal (from Inventory) outside their Base
    • Picture get more and more noisy by distance
  • Fixed an issue, that new expansion Backpacks could get doubled on restarts
  • Added some more IDAP-Uniforms that don't require the Orange-DLC:
    • U_C_IDAP_Man_cargo_F
    • U_C_IDAP_Man_jeans_F
    • U_C_IDAP_Man_TeeShorts_F
    • U_C_IDAP_Man_Tee_F
    • U_C_IDAP_Man_casual_F
    • U_C_IDAP_Man_shorts_F

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Hotfix for Arma 3 Epoch 1.3.3

We have pushed a small Hotfix for Arma 3 Epoch 1.3.3
This only apply to the @epoch client files!
But Server Admins have to make sure that they also update these files on their Server!

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