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Muffin Man

The 'ol No Entry cfgmagazines.45rnd_545x39_rpk [Solved]


Hi all! :)

I know the error as per the title is an Arma issue and one can just ignore it in the RPT logs and the game (just click okay)
But my problem is that as soon as someone gets that message in game, and they have to re-connect to the server, they cant, until the next server restart.

You connect all the way to the lobby and then join the game.

As soon as it wants to load the mission file, you get that message, click OK and sit on the loading screen.
Server side I see the client just gets disconnected.

Anyone had this behavior and how can I fix it so that you can at least join and play the game?

I do have infistar installed, and not seeing anything strange in the RPT, both server and client side, other than the player connecting, and  then disconnecting.

Any help or pointer appreciated :)


Edit:  Disabling infiStar from loading on the server still has the message pop up but you can at least play the game.  So will start looking at infiStar.
           Anyone had this happen with their infiStar?

           Cancel that, still happens even with infiStar not loaded :(



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1 hour ago, l1nkrx7 said:

what causes this message it doesnt boot anyone on my server but is annoying

From what I have read it is when the server tries to spawn the 45Rnd_545x39_RPK magazine which does not exist anymore.
When the new version of A2 Epoch comes out it will be fixed .


Here is the GitHub link on a possible solution till we get the update (File and DB edits):

I say possible because some people still report that the message pops up.  Have not tried myself yet.

It does mean that every player will have to get your "version" of the @Dayz_Epoch folder though (If I understand this correctly)

For now we will just click the annoying Continue button till next update :-)

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