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Lingor building class names

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16 hours ago, Aslan247 said:

If you are using Infistar admin tools you can look at the building and hit the delete button, the classname appears on the bottom left of the screen. 

I don't use Infistar but I am using a script that does the same thing.

The problem is the building can't be seen.

I am using this code to reveal buildings to player:

{player reveal _x;} forEach ((getmarkerpos "center") nearObjects ['land_ibr_hangar',10000]);

{player reveal _x;} forEach ((getmarkerpos "center") nearObjects ['Land_MBG_Police_Station',10000]);
{player reveal _x;} forEach ((getmarkerpos "center") nearObjects ['Land_MBG_Shanty_BIG',10000]);

The Hanger one works ok for a while but the others rarely work. There is something wrong with those buildings. If I set any of those buildings through the editor they work fine but the ones built into the map don't function properly.


Thanks for the suggestion.

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Unfortunately I do not have a answer for you, I am still learning myself. Did you consider removing the building altogether using a damage trigger? 

I create a file called damage_cities.sqf inside my scripts folder and add the following code: 

_target = [3055.86,4471.17,0]; //Put your buildings approximate co-ordinates here. 
_damage_ratio=7;  //Set your damage ratio here. The bigger the number the wider the damage spreads. Using too much will affect server FPS.


_server_houses= _target nearObjects ["HouseBase", _damage_ratio];
{_x setdammage 1} forEach _server_houses;  

Then I call it from my init file with: [] execVM "scripts\damage_cities.sqf";

I added this line near the bottom where I add my custom maps. 

This destroys the building completely on every restart but you need to add your own co-ords inside the file. 

Not sure if this helps, but might be another option for you. 

PLEASE NOTE...This is not my script I only made an edit to it.

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