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Looking for a good "long term" DayZ experience

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Hey everyone,

So back in 2014 I used to play a lot of DayZ Epoch through the Arma 2 mod. I used to have a regular server that I would play on everyday and I was part of a community I loved. The Epoch mod for Arma 2 made playing Dayz so enjoyable for me because of the long term investment.

For example, I have such fond memories of doing solo loot runs. Packing my Humvee full of weapons and ammo and driving it out to a small camp I had out in the woods outside of Starry Sobor. Then using a ghile suit to pick other players off from a distance to scavenge their loot. I'd be able to take all that loot back to my base which was hidden in an abandoned farm house - far away from all player conflict.

The point I'm trying to make is that playing Epoch on Arma II was like a second life for me. I had a base, hidden outposts, friends, and there were player gangs which I was familiar with. It wasn't just a simple cycle of killing and looting. There was always something to do - whether that be looting, trading, scouting, PVP, PVE, missions, or expanding my base.

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