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New Serveur Epoch

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Hello I am here to introduce our new server Dayz epoch

: A welcome pack is offered on request by player or team.
: Here no special rules, just fairplay.

- The name of your server: "[FR/EU]NEW,ServeurPVP,MaxLoot,StarterPack,Jet,Tank,MissionExtra"
- Its ip address + port:
- The mod or map installed: Dayz epoch / Napf
- Active Admin
- Discord: https://discord.gg/4dqxMYg


- animated spawn crash and crates (loot military + ikea)

- Permanent sun.

- Lift & Tow

- Suicide

- Craft Mozzie / Bike 

- Self Bloodbag

- Safe Zone

- AI missions (customized) W.A.I

- Refuel

- Alchemy Crafting

- Trader Vehicles

- Toggle Map marker

- Repair / reset / refuel (in the stations)

- Building Pro

- Build Vector

- Incredibles walls

- Ia in town and in the air

- Manager Groups

-Door Management ( Eyescan )

-Spawn System


Weapons to the trader hero + bandit:

M107, AS50, TWS M110 NV, RPG, STINGER, AS50TWS ect .....

The vehicles:

Tank: T34, T55, T72, T90: and much more.
Combat Helicopter: Ka52, Ka60, Mi24-p, AH1Z, Apache; And much more .
Jet: F35, H10 ect .. =).

the Admin: [FDA]SimBoliK, [FDA]Igor osgor

We are waiting for you !!!!!

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