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DayZ Epoch Lingor removal


So... as the title says I need help with removing Lingor from the server (Possibly without having to reinstall everything), we tried to make it run, ran into lots of issues and decided to go back to chernarus but DayZ Launcher still shows [IP address | Lingor | DayZ Epoch].

What I have done:

- Remove lingor folder

- Change server script to run Chernarus mission

- Make sure I changed all the things that would run Lingor on start

- Changed command line to arma2;expansion;ca;@DayZ_Epoch;@DayZ_Epoch_Server;

nothing seems to work

Any ideas of what can be done?

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you only needed to do 2 main things

Edit what FG_Trap said in the main config, mission template= (This is What Loads The Mission.pbo/map)

remove @Lingor; from start up param -mod= (This is What Loads The MODs!)

copy over custom files from old .pbo to new .pbo, compare mission.sqm files from both old + new pbo's Merge what you need Edit your trader files and remove Lingor items edit custom scripts remove Lingor items update script/s dir paths if needed check your server side edits if any that about covers it.

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