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Gaming Monkey's Overpoch Chernarus

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    • By LordQuentin
      This is the return of one of Dayz's most popular servers.
      Features of the server include:
      -Single coin currency
      -Self Bloodbag
      -Custom map with an AI fortress in the north and a prison in the south west, both spawning loot every restart.
      -AI Missions -Lift/Tow
      -Take clothes
      -Military Outposts around the map
      -Safezone Traders with added guns and advanced trading
      -24/7 Day/Night cycle
      -Animated heli crash sites
      -Snap building Pro
      -Group system
      -Treasure hunt missions
      -Spawn bike/mozzie
      -Plot hole management
      There is also a decent number of heroes and bandits on the server so it is not just a KoS deathmatch- you will meet a friendly people out there :D
      If you are looking for a clan just head on teamspeak at:
      Server IP is :
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