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Gaming Monkey's Overpoch Chernarus

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Name *NEW*[GM]Chernarus|Fully-Mill|5mill-Start|Capture-Points|High-Loot|High-FPS|Shootfrombackseats|DragCrates|ExtraMissions|CustomHud|Starter-crate|Hunting-Fishing|Admin-Events|

Server Ip

Server Mods @DayZ_Epoch @Overwatch = Overpoch



About our servers

- Our overpoch server is fully militarized so that means you will find jets attack choppers and tanks, APC and more. We are also a pvp server so that means you can kill anything and anyone. 
- We have multiple custom scripts that just make your experience playing a full mil server 100times better  one of our most famous scripts is the ability to shoot from back seats of certain vehicles like helis with open side doors and trucks. alot more scripts that are unique and fun.
- Gaming monkey's prefer to use a custom AntiHack made by Biggegg as it has more protection against hackers then any other antihack.
- Our admins are also limted to the stuff they can do. like no Unlimited ammo fast fire useless stuff like that.

Server Features

- Custom Hud
- Capture point missions
- Call for a care package 
- Custom Event missions
- Mystery briefcases
- Working tasers
- Extra ai missions
- Static ai mission
- Drag crates

- Working tasers

Shoot from back seats of vehicles like open doors on choppers or backs of trucks.

Many more scripts we have that is just less then 25% of what we have.

Some screenshots



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Fantastic server and surprisingly well populated. Some hero players, some bandit players (keeps things exciting). There is usually plenty of action and skulduggery afoot be it at missions or during PvP.

There is plenty of loot to be had to get you in to the action straight away.

The Staff are active and not overbearing and the server has been so well scripted that i am at least 10fps higher in this server than in other servers with similar or less mods.

A highly recommended server that at times recaptures the glory days of our beloved DayZ mods. Hope to see you there someday as friend or foe, it all adds to the fun.

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      This is the return of one of Dayz's most popular servers.
      Features of the server include:
      -Single coin currency
      -Self Bloodbag
      -Custom map with an AI fortress in the north and a prison in the south west, both spawning loot every restart.
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