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RG Overpoch Namalsk

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RG Overpoch Namalsk

US West Coast based server

Discord: https://discord.gg/pb6AUPG

Server Scripts and Features:
-Single Currency with bank and ability to store money in vehicles/safes/lockboxes
-Deployables (bike, mozzie, pook, motorbike)
-Adjust view distance (right-click on binoculars or rangefinder)
-WAI mission system (AI values changed to be easier to do missions while still being challenging)
-Spawn Selection
-Custom spawn loadouts based on hero/bandit humanity
-Vehicle locator (if you have a key, right click on map or gps)
-Group system (press f5 to add your friends and see each other on the map)
-Vehicle service points (rearm, fix, and refuel your vehicle at any gas station)
-Safezone main traders
-Custom risky trader and trader positions
-Custom loot tables to spawn better weapons and equipment
-Tow/lift (ability to tow vehicles or lift with heli's)
-Flip vehicle (right-click on etool)
-Safezone vehicle relocate (on restart, any vehicle left in safezone will be moved to the junk yard)
-Weed fields (marked on map, go up to the weed plants and right-click on your knife to harvest plant)

-Slow zombies
-1 step building
-full base building with vectors
-Custom WAI mission loot, 500 coins added to player per kill, 100 humanity per kill
-Higher sell price of meats to reward hunters/fisherman with more coins
-High vehicles spawn on map, easy to get around and make money selling
-Grass on/off, Environmental sounds on/off, Color fix on/off - right click map to toggle these
-Manage plot every 13 days, base decay is set at 14 days to delete buildables
-vote day/night. Server time set at 9am each restart
-restarts every 4hrs
-Anzio 20mm sniper rifle added to hero/bandit traders
-No launchers or OP vehicles. Humvee GPK and Armoured SUV are top tier vehicles. AS50 top tier weapon.
-Server difficulty: Veteran
-Death Messages to know how you died or who killed who and distance

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