Epoch Mod for Arma 3

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    • By ItzWolfyYT
      Hello, I love playing the epoch mod for arma 2 but I have one problem. FPS! I have no problem playing any other games with no fps problem. Though when I play games like arma 2 or arma 3 My fps ranges from 10-30 on all low settings. I have talked to server owners ect about the problem and they tell me my cpu is not strong enough to run it. Though I have a 3.90 ghz cpu. I have tried everything from GPU acceleration to 1, lowered render in game and lowered quality but still bad fps. I have heard the engine is not quite optimized. After the dayz standalone update I can run it on max setting no problem, I have been told to get an intel cpu but I dont want to spend a fortune on something so stupid and pointless. Thanks so much - Wolfy
      MSI 970 
      16 GB Hyper X ddr3
      AMD Fx 4130 Quad core 3.90 ghz
      3TB "Not sure brand ebay got the hook up :D"
      750 Ti MSI 2gb
      750 Ti Asus 2gb
      4 Be Quite Fans "With A positive air flow:
    • By EthosEvolved
      Hello all, I'm totally new to ArmA games and the DayZ Mods.  I played DayZ for a while and loved it but was dissapointed that it was so limited and wasnt getting enough attention in the form of fixes update etc.. I found Frankieonpc youtube videos and really want to play this. 
      Do I just need to buy Arma3 or do i need to buy the other Arma content as well?
    • By Jamrock
      SOLVED : Problem was debug monitor
    • By PBLClan
      Hello there! We'd like to introduce you to Crimson Flood! Crimson Flood was once known for fantastic Mods and a great community player base back in the day. We are back with more Mods and a fantastic Staff waiting to assist you! At the moment our Overpoch server has only been live for about a few weeks now.
      We are working on getting back the player-base we once had. Our long-term goal is to insure that while you're playing on our server, all of your needs are met at the same time. So, what are you waiting for? Join the FUN!
      SERVER IP:
      TeamSpeak 3 IP: pbl.clandns.com
      We are regularly updating our Overpoch server to insure extreme amounts of fun!
      Current Mod list:
      Advanced Traiding System Self Bloodbag Spawn Selection Class Selection Turn off Grass/Environment sounds (Easily Accessible by pressing I) Utilize Ear Plugs (Easily Accessible by pressing U) Set View distance (Easily accessible by right-clicking your Range Finder) Group System (Easily accessible by right-clicking your radio) Single currency coin system Banking System Safezones in traders Custom AI missions and behaviors. (No more easy AI) Vehicle Repair/Refuel from Gas stations Abandoned Safes that reset to 0000 Snapbuild with custom vectors Paint Vehicles  There are some heavy military vehicles for your heavy duty missions :) More coming!  
      Our Staff works around the clock to insure our server stays how we intend it to for our players. Just so you're aware, Briefcases are worth $108,000 coins. Come and give us a try as I'm sure you'll all love to stay and play!
      -PBL Clan
      Feel free to register on our website at http://PBLClan.com
      We are recruiting ;)
    • By Phone_Guy
      Welcome folks and allow me to introduce my newest venture. With an attempt at something different but the same, I have opened a Dayz Epoch server with some new features rarely seen in other servers. I present you fine forum browsers with Project NoZ. A RP themed server with focus on PvP and game progression. 
      Server: Project NoZ
      Current Features: Plot 4 Life, Door Management, Plot Management, Advanced Trading, AI Patrols, Missions, Very Low Zeds, Modified Loot Tables, Custom Map additions, new places to explore, spawn load-outs, and custom advancement
      What makes us stand out? Project NoZ is currently running a scaled progression system. Player Kills, Head shots, and AI Kills carry over through death. Humanity has been replaced with Experience. As you perform tasks in game you will steadily gain experience which will unlock new traders and load outs. But if you prefer PvP action you can also unlock PvP themed load-outs by killing your fellow players. This creates an environment in which your character is constantly progressing. Loot tables are being defined as well. Building supplies and weapons are common, medical supplies uncommon, and finally food scarce.  The server features 3 factions of AI each with unique agendas. 
      Server Lore: Project NoZ takes place 5 years after a global Zombie Event. With the worlds population decimated and humanity looking into the abyss a cure was found. Inoculations to stop the spread of the Zombie plague and a specialized bacteria that targets decaying flesh. In a months time zombies were obliterated. Unfortunately this left the surviving humans to try and rebuild. At first everything seemed stable but then rival Warlords and factions began battling for control. As a survivor you are transplanted from your home to a remote part of the World. Unique in its geography it exists in the eye of a radioactive storm. The resources in such a place are plentiful but like the rest of the world some people decided against sharing. This has lead to rise of 3 primary groups. The White Kingdom Militia, The Resistance, and the Butchers. You as a player will have to decide on your method of survival. Which factions you interact with may have unexpected rewards or consequences.
      Bottom Line: The server is new and many of the features are still growing and being defined. Bugs will exist and we are doing are best to fix them. But if you looking for something a bit different but the same give us a try.
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