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Epoch Mod for Arma 3

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    • By Dzhabrailov
      Hello! How to change the mapping of traders or ?
    • By Ghostman
      How can i add to server Vault Management
    • By Ghostman
      Hello in my last Topic "infistar problem" solved in 50%
      In dayz_server.pbo, go to system>scheduler  then edit sched_sync.sqf
      have only it
      sched_sync = { objNull };
      if died or relog have few sec day and changed to night, all firend at the same time have night
      (only players who died or relog have few sec day and changed to night)
    • By EditedSnowHD
      Im looking for a way to automaticly restart my Dayz Epoch server after a few hours.
      I already looked at some tutorials/scripts and stuff.
      But there all talking about this scheduler.xml file, but i dont have that.
      Do i need to create it myself? or can some one link me to an updated BEC restarts tutorial?
      Thank you for your time
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