Epoch Mod for Arma 3

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    • By Jax1
      Search into DayZ Lancher or CCG Reborn
      So we have decided to bring CCG back to life, this time with an improved host, improved admins. We're back better then ever under a new host. The server is hosted in Florida and DOES NOT have a ping restriction meaning everyone from anywhere can join. The server has officially launched today, although there is a few players already.
      •When you join, if you bring a buddy you will be rewarded in game.
      •You will get a huge headstart before everyone starts flooding back in.
      •We are looking for more staff, so being one of the first players will give you a huge advantage over others.
      •You get to play on the most successful DayZ Overpoch server of all time.
      Make DayZ Great Again
      Sick of all this militrilized bullshit, wish there was a good server without fucking tanks. Welcome back CCG, the perfect DayZ server.
      We are not CCG and i do admit we are using the name to gain more traction but ccg isnt in the name, its in the atmosphere, we will try to recreate CCG to the fullest. I have been playing on ccg every day since early 2015, it was devastating when ccg closed down a2 servers and we would really like to recreate the feeling of playing on CCG
    • By SKO85
      ARMA 2 - FP4P Epoch Server - Chernarus Map
      Search for 'FP4P' in DayZ Launcher
      FP4P - From Players 4 Players
      As the name already says, this server has been setup from players for players. We are listening to our players and implementing features as requested, but keeping the server realistic. We are not implementing all possible scripts out there, because we try to keep the DayZ Gameplay as realistic as possible. Our community is not large and we are not intending to grow and earn money. We are players and play on this server too. Events are also possible, but again, based on your wishes. It is a clean server, created in September 2016.
      Come, join us, play and share your ideas! Please feel free to provide your feedback and comments.
      Features Implemented
      AI missions Coin system Vault money storage Advanced Trading Safezones Slow Zombies / Walkers Tow and Pickup of vehicles No zombies at bases and safe-zones Group Management (using radio) Debug Monitor Earplugs Customized Loot Spawns (No high-value guns, etc) Side channel Anti-Spam Plot Management (Add friends to manage your base) Vehicle protection at bases. Realistic Weather Conditions. Custom Server Monitoring System and auto-update system from SVN.  
      General advantages
      New and clean server. Started at September 2016. Keeping stuff realistic :) We have a identical test-server where we search bugs and test new features. Active testers: Several players are helping improving the game-play by testing features and searching for bugs. Frequent improvements of server issues. Good FPS (50-60). Fixed some minor Epoch bugs (e.g. loot spawn when in vehicles). No spawn locatoins (using default at coast). Realistic spawn-gear. Surivial and PVP possible. Automated Monitoring & Update System (Custom developed in C#.NET) This allowes faster deployment of bug-fixes and new tested features. We are using SVN revision system for all scripts and server-side PBO files. Notifications are provided in-game to players when an update is available.
      No Team-Speak, but Discord
      We are using Discord instead of TeamSpeak. On our Discord server you can find our updated rules, you can share your ideas, get updates of implemented features and report issues. Channel requests are possible for own created groups.
      Discord Link: https://discord.gg/tp9HQyV
      Work in progress
      Please check our Discord server for an updated list.
      Bike Spawn. Improve offroad speed for some vehicles. Improve costs at traders (input required from players)  
      Owner and Admins
      Owner & Scripting: SKO Admins: We are searching for good admins. Join us on Discord and discuss this with SKO.  
    • By Unit487 Maddog
      Hey guys, so my friend has recently setup a dayz epoch server for our old community, unit487, as we are relatively new we are looking for people to join to bring the community and the server to life again. A few things to note.
      NOTICE: We're holding a huge events addhoc at times that will be made clear on a week by week basis GMT(London time). Prizes, air battles, most wanted, road race, and more.. Join us!
      Epoch | Cherno Map
      Server: 193:111.184.42 Port:3102
      Or search on DayZ Launcher for: Unit487
      NO pay to win, ever.
      Single Currency aith ATM's and no cash limit.
      Virtual Garage (store 10 vehicles, with gear and key) (deleted after 30 days of inactivity)
      AI Missions
      Group management
      AutoRefuel and AutoRepair
      Heli Evac (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ui5lm70ii8I)
      Mystery Briefcase game with cool prizes!
      Hero at +10,000 humanity.
      Dead body markers
      Hero and Bandit missions.
      Bandit at -7,250 humanity.
      Special weapons, explosives, armoured vehicles and special clothing are only traded via Hero and Bandit traders. This includes all black market weapons, i.e snipers, etc.
    • By RC_Robio
      Epoch Discord is open.
      Always a work in progress. Channels will be added as needed. 
      Check pinned messages in the channel for latest updates!
      Rules that apply here also apply there. DO NOT PM the dev's if they happen to be there! You may PM me or one of the other moderators.
      Download the app at: https://discordapp.com/apps
    • By SUD
      The new DAYZ EPOCH server offers you to participate in a serious shortage of fuel in the survival of conditions, food and water.
        DOF HARD LIFE 
      Many missions - HARD DZAI patrols, WAI, all the latest versions.
      Safe Zone Infistar
      Aid in the construction (adhesion)
      Vector construction system
      Mission "Bank Robbery"
      Towing system with the help of helicopters and equipment R3F
      Kraft bicycle
      Fuel deficit
      Food deficit
      Render distance
      custom weather
      Radio Groups
      Superior craft
      Variable loot spawn at
      Very cold conditions
      Removing the skin from the corpses of players / bots
      Selecting the spawn
      Loss loot from the destroyed transport
      Reports of killings
      Improved trading system (the sale of the backpack of equipment)
      Banking system (replacement of gold in the virtual currency)
      Raft Management...
      to be continued
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