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{NWDZ} North Wales DayZ Overpoch -[Comeback] Fresh Database - Semi Militarised - 2m Start - Base Starter Kit - High FPS

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Added some new Features:


-Scan your enviroment for enemy Players/Ai/Vehicles from 1000m up to 2500m (Right click GPS)

-Remote Control for Vehicles (Right click Vehicle Key)

-Zombie Shield at your Plotpole Radius

-Bomb Crate Mission

-Gas Station Attack (Get some good loot)

-Basejump (you can jump safely out of your Base)




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Hi Admins, im playing on this server for a long time. 2 days ago every afternoon/evening despite the fact that i have fast internet connection the game is very very slow. When i die it takes up to 15-20 minutes to relog my character to the game.
Everything else on my computer what requires net connection is going very well just dayz is slow.
Do you know what could be the reason?

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Hello szabitiz,

An Admin already contact you to solve your prob, pls use teamspeak in future to contact us for issues or bugs.
Theres a lot of possible issues that can decrease your gaming experience. For example: Far distance to the Server=High Ping that cause desyncs, or a firewall that block necessary Programs needed to play Overwatch... try to sort all of these. 

Overwatch login screen instead of Server login Screen?  Fix: Start Steam as Administrator
Low FPS after building Base Objects? Fix: Go to lobby and log back in
DZLauncher dont start? Fix: Restart Steam and start DZL as Administrator

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      ARMA 3 Epoch | APEX | PVP | High Loot | Survival | | Custom | 24/7
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      I was playing on this server for many hours now. I just can say its the best server for playing tanoa epoch. everything is running so stable and there is enought loot to find everywhere.
      they have many cars spawning over the whole map. zombies and ai-hunter will cross your way to kill you so you always have to watch out.
      of course the new apex stuff is available. the basebuilding system is revolutionary.missions are fun to solve. there are many traders and gas stations where you can modify almost every type of vehicle and
      Its a new server so there are not so many players at the moment. thats why its limited to 60 player only.
      I talked to the admin and he told me if they have a stable number of players they will set the server up to 100 player. I would love to see that.
      The admins are very nice guys from swiss and they all speak good english and always listen to players problems.
      I hope that you will take a look inside and see how good it is and tell your friends so the server will get more full.
      hope to see you there
      check out their website: www.zombielandepoch.clan.su

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      Mods Required:
      We are NEW! We are looking for active players to join our community. We are also taking suggestions from players to make this server better for all your fun. Please come by and play with us. Say hi to any players or Admins! 
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      Brought to you by www.Hardcore-frags.com
      Hello all and welcome to out shameful push at advertising!
      Hardcore-frags.com is a community (all but rather new) which is pushing all forms of Arma III servers, but we are here to shout about our brilliant lag free, high fps Epoch servers. All our servers run the same modded mission which includes a status bar, missions, high loot, map edits, earplugs and more. Not only that the mission is always under development through our own test server. We have even worked on the server timing to give you 2 nights and 2 days during each restart!
      When it comes to running servers we are not coming at you with a silly home build computer or even a little Vps, we have under the hood a high powered very expensive fully up scalable dedicated server which will be hosting a variety of arma III servers pushing at our 12 core beast of a computer...
      We push for high server FPS and uninterrupted gaming with no down time, policed by a friendly non abusing admin team which strive to make sure you have a great time and even give you a helping hand every now and again... We are Bambi friendly and welcome new players.
      We have made fantastic map edits and would love you to come and explore all the custom features they offer. We currently run our Chernarus map through all in arma which can be downloaded on this sites downloads section but we also offer currently a Altis and Stratis version of the Epoch experience with plenty more servers coming as we perfect them.
      We would love to hear your feed back and we hope to see you around!
      Any clans / groups that would be interested in a slight head start then your more then welcome to contact us, during this recruitment time. We are also looking for moderators for the servers but would expect some game time first.
      Hope to see you soon!

    • By pac3k
      Welcome to the server GET REKT! EPOCH
      SERVER IP:
      You can use the JSRS3 Dragonfyre 2.5 Sound MOD
      Scripts that we are using:
      -andre convoy
      -vemf missions
      - Cargo containers
      and more...

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