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Arma 2 Dayz Epoch Napf Server PzU-Gaming

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Coin Currency / Bank / Safe

Group Management

Lift / Tow

Service / Refuel Points / Fuelpump on Base

Flip Vehicle

Start with 5 Million in bank

Door Management ( Eyescan )

Snap / Vector Building

AI Missions

AI City

Base Raid

Safe Zone check Trader Marker

Admin Events

Deployable Bike / Mozzies / Motorbike and More

Advanced Trading System

Full Military

Spawn System

Haverst Hemp

Virtual Garage

Vehicle Key Changer

Mining Veins

Take Clothes

Locate Vehicle / Plot / Vault

Scan Nearby

Ambient on/off


View Distance

colour default / colour corrected

In Trader can you buy Humanity

Hotwire Vault

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