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[HG] Haze Growroom Overpoch

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Haze Growroom Overpochload.thumb.jpg.d8faa29a68b239ae9609046a63316263.jpg

A fairly new Overpoch community, running a Taviana Overpoch and a Chernarus Overpoch server.

Admins are active and always ready to help everyone.

The 2 Servers are synced right now.

Required mods are for both servers: DayZ Epoch

DayZ Overwatch 0.2.5

And for the Taviana Server: DayZ Taviana 2.0


Some of the scripts and mods of the server:

XP System

Base Raiding

Virtual Garage

Weed fields, mine shaft and other missions

Plot for Life

Door Management

Custom GUI

Pearl fishing

Tow and Lift


Fast Travel


 Custom options

Customizable gui

Customizable killfeeds

Customizable notifications

Air Drops

Oil Refining

Player marketplace

Event systems

Travelling trader

Setting safe codes

Overwatch zombies

Combat Roll

Animated Chopper Crash


Aaaand many more...


Hopefully this got your attention.. :P

Taviana Server:

Chernarus Server:

Discord Server: https://discord.gg/6Wm3ycf

TeamSpeak 3: hazegrowroom.ddns.net


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