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Epoch 1.2 Release Changelog

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After some weeks without sun and without healthy food, we come to the next state... EPOCH-Mod 1.2!
We have spent a lot of time to fix / add and change a lot for you in this release.
Hopefully we have not added more bugs than new features, so you get to experience our work without issues.

For the full changelog, visit: https://github.com/EpochModTeam/Epoch/blob/release/changelog.md

- Steam Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/421839251
- several hosters (check the downloads section on https://epochmod.com/)

- Github: https://github.com/EpochModTeam/Epoch/archive/release.zip



  • Radiation Suits to Loot, Pricing and Itemsort @He-Man
  • Reworked Trader Menu @He-Man
    • Secondary Weapon can now be sold directly from hand
    • Attachments from sold weapons from hand will be put back into your Inventory
    • Weapons in hand are now marked in menu as "in Hand"
  • Solar Charger for EnergyPacks - Put an EnergyPack into the Charger and wait... @Helion4, @He-Man
  • 4 Hoverboard Vehicles: @Helion4
    • "hoverboard_epoch_1"
    • "hoverboard_epoch_bttf"
    • "hoverboard_epoch_a3"
    • "hoverboard_epoch_cargo"
  • Mountainbike "MBK_01_EPOCH" @Helion4
  • Helicopter UH1H "uh1h_Epoch" @Helion4
  • BaseCam + BaseCam Terminal @Helion4, @He-Man
    • Build Cams at your Base and watch them through the Terminal
  • Wooden Stairs with lockable Bars on the top (upgradeable from Wooden Stairs) @Helion4
  • Wood and Metal Garage Doors as upgradeable Baseparts @Helion4, @He-Man
  • 1/3 Plywood wall directly craftable @Helion4, @He-Man
  • You can now wash yourself with a soap in your inventory at water sources (reduce Soiled) @Helion4, @He-Man
  • 2 new masks (Thor Helmet "thor_mask_epoch" and Iron Man Mask "iron_mask_epoch") @Helion4


  • Mine Rocks / Chop Wood was only possible with Swords after 1.1.0 update. @He-Man
  • Alive Toxic Sapper was not toxic @He-Man
  • Binocular with "B" was not working, if you are using R3F or AdvSlingLoad @He-Man
  • Models for Radiation Suits @Helion4
  • Hopefully less login issues on BaseSpawn @He-Man
  • Kick by using Jet ejector seats @He-Man
  • Wrong calculated Bullets in Traders @He-Man
  • Locked Vehicles were unlocked after upgrade @He-Man
  • Everybody was able to open Hatch on Windows / Doors on foreign Bases @He-Man
  • Ban for "RscMenuTeam" commandmenu @He-Man
  • Adjusted some SnapPoints for Basebuilding to be more accurate @He-Man
  • Advanced Vehicle Repair was broken after last Arma Update (Tank DLC) @He-Man
  • Added missing ItemWaterPurificationTablets to pricing @G-Dog
  • MultiGun was not working on very large Vehicles (VTOL) @He-Man
  • GoldenSeal will no longer disappear when fully grown in a Garden @He-Man
  • Items in Subcontainers (Items in BackPacks in Containers) were not saved @He-Man
  • Drunk effects were not working correctly @He-Man
  • Model / Graphics fix for Cinder Floors @Helion4
  • Snapped Walls on Stairs sometimes were not fixed correctly @Helion4
  • Quadbike handling was a bit too slippery @Helion4


  • Reworked Vehicle Load / Save commands for more precise Vehicle Spawn @He-Man
  • Made Temp-Vehicles tradable (will not be stored in Trader after selling them) @He-Man
  • Wood / Cinder Walls can now snap to each other @He-Man
  • Energy from windsources / solarsources is now calculated by wind / overcast @He-Man
  • Ammo of crafted Mags are calculated by the left ammo of used Mags (example: EnergyPacks) @He-Man
  • Consumed EnergyPacks give only energy calculated by left ammo in the Pack @He-Man
  • Vehicle pricing adjustments "import tariffs" @vbawol
  • Some now Icons for Dynamenu @Forelle Vierkant

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