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    • By Warburgg
      I installed the dynamic climate script and it happens that it rains on the server but only lasts 10 seconds and stops. Is it because I use the script that speeds server time? I currently use Control Time which allows the server to have 2 hours of day and 1 hour night.
      The other climates such as overcast and fog last the forecast time 5-20 minutes but the rain does not.
      In my logs show: 16:52:30 "39:2 Debug: Rain set to 0.92421 for 10.6582 minutes". It rains until it rains but soon stops.
    • By Nytrex
      Hello Guys!
      The title says it all
      I am trying to add the white Ghuillie Skin to my Server, but i am not really able to do that, and i found nothing arround google to help me out!
      Maybe you could give me a way to do that? :D
    • By Ghostrider-GRG
      I've been wrestling with getting static weather to work with this build of epoch. Thus far I have:
      set up static weather parameters in @epochhive\epochconfig.hpp:  WeatherStaticForecast[] = {68,0,{0,0,0},0,{0.3,0.3},0};   // Note the added 0 for lightening.
      Commented out the "ChangeWeather" event in this same file:    // { 18000000, "ChangeWeather", 1 , 1},
      Is there anything I am missing?
      Many thanks in advance.
    • By Drokz
      Im looking for a Snowfall addon.

      If anyone got a working one pls let me know
    • By A Man
      Hey guys,
      Im trying to create a special weather behavoir for an specific area. I want a snowstorm at a defined position. For example: Stary and a 500m radius. So everybody who entered that area  see snow and fog. Of course when the player leaves that area the weather settings should changed back to normal.
      Ive tried to get the area defined by the mission.sqm. That works but only for the activation and the whole map starts to snow. How can I set up only one area with snow? There is no need that the area starts snowing when the players enters the area, it can snow the whole time there.
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