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epoch+infistar nitrado

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every time someone tries to get into my epoch server he is kicked out with this error:
"Script epoch_code\compile\functions\EPOCH_pushCustomVar.sqf not found"
this only happens if I enable the infistar nitrado function from my server, disabling infistar the error does not occur!
PLS HELP i rlly love infistar functions!

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Probably an issue to take up with Nitrado. Could be an old version of infiSTAR? 

epoch_code\compile\functions\EPOCH_pushCustomVar.sqf was removed in Epoch 1.0 iirc

Many of us use infiSTAR without issues (well, this one anyway) with Epoch

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Interestingly Nitrado are a supporter on the main forum page but their infiSTAR version and battleye filters don't support Epoch 1.3.1 despite the fact that they rent and supposedly support servers on which they load Epoch 1.3.1... :ph34r:

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