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Epoch 1.1.0 scrap metal bug

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players noticed that Sledge don't works on wreck. So I tested it on all possible weapons on one certain wreck and result is:
70x with Sledge negative
70x with Maul negative
9x with Sword positive
Anyone with the same issue?
I don't know how much is random maximum but more then 70x is too much i think. Thanks, if you will take a look on it :-)

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No, revive should work. But sometimes it is a bit hard to get the corpse correct in target. Then you have to take the weapon from the corpse first.

Have a look on the icon with the crossed bones. If you see it, it is correct in target

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Ok.. thank you.. going to try again like this and write again.

Edit: that was it... thank you, it works.

Aswell I tried to add the Epoch-defibrillator with your example code in action menu like:

class player_revive
    condition = "dyna_isDeadPlayer && ('ItemDefibrillator_wpn' in dyna_magazinesPlayer)";
    action = "[dyna_cursorTarget, player, Epoch_personalToken] remoteExec ['EPOCH_server_revivePlayer',2];";
    icon = "x\addons\a3_epoch_code\Data\UI\buttons\group_requests_ca.paa";
    tooltip = "Revive Player";

But didn't get the effect/ actionmenu like that. sorry if it's going offtopic

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