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Epoch 1.1 Release Changelog

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Arma 3 Epoch 1.1 has been released!

Server Files:

File Changes:

Client Files



  • Plant Spawner: vehicle object for sunflower. @Helion4
  • MoneyDrop Event: Random Money lump with Mapmarker (like Plants) @he-man
  • Examples for Vehicle upgrades for Server Admins into CfgVehicleUpgrades.hpp @he-man
  • Make Lighter refillable at Fuel-Sources (Gasstations / Vehicles) @he-man
  • Make Trader more configurable in epochconfig.hpp @he-man
  • Added Examples for Batchfiles to control Server Restarts @DirtySanchez
  • default pops for "center" marker @awol
  • More map supports @awol
  • Lighter is needed to imflame fires @DirtySanchez
  • FireExtinguisher is needed to "put our fire" on Burn Barrel @DirtySanchez
  • Rope is needed for SlingLoad (get back on release) @DirtySanchez
  • R3F compatibility for SlingLoad @DirtySanchez
  • Hints while using Vehicle Repair (MultiGun) @he-man
  • Config to completely disable Simulation for BaseParts (if not needed) @he-man
  • Made Radiation configureable by cfgepochclient.hpp @raymix
  • Hints for lock / unlock Vehicles / Storages @he-man
  • Nuisance multiplicator in cfgepochclient.hpp @he-man
  • Reduce rads over time at cost of immunity @raymix
  • Wearable Male & Female wearable full radiation suit @Helion4
  • December seasonal items (Santa hat / Snowman) @Helion4
  • Autorun function (suggested by Ghostrider) @he-man
    • Default Key is "W"
    • You can change the key in EPOCH ESC Menu
    • If choosen key is same as "moveforward" (default), you have to 2x tap it, else you only have to 1x tap it
    • If your legs are broken, you get a hint "can not autorun - legs are broken"
    • If the terrain is too steep, you only walk in AutoRun
    • Inside Water, you can not Autorun
  • Helper 3D-Icon + Line on the part, where element is snapped on (while Base-Building) @he-man
  • Config in cfgepochclient.hpp to block ATM's in Plotpole range @he-man
  • Power Sword @helion


  • False BE kicks since Arma 3 1.80 update.
  • Nightlight now also follow players inside Vehicles @he-man
  • Fixed fault disabled DynamicDebris @morgoth0
  • SERVER_VARS (BaseSpawn) was not saved on revive @morgoth0
  • Without Advanced Vehicle Repair, Vehicle upgrade was not available @he-man
  • Base Storages could be deleted if near Loot containers were auto-deleted @he-man
  • Some Tarp Loot was spawned under the Floor @he-man
  • Reworked wall check by getting out of Vehicles @he-man
  • Garden Plot had no physical ground @Helion4
  • Some Vehicles were missing in EPOCH Admin Spawn Menu @he-man


  • RCon Port is now set to 2307 by default since changes in A3 1.78 prevent use of 2306. @awol
  • SnapPoints for Building objects (especially full / half / quarter Floors) @he-man
  • Some performance tweaks
  • Inventory will be opened automatically, if "you found something" @awol
  • EPOCH Events reworked (Markers will change if players near / event looted) @DirtySanchez
  • Traders will no longer refill sold magazines @he-man
    • Magazines will automatic be repacked in Trader
    • First the trader offers full magazines
    • If no full magazine is available, the Trader offer the last not full magazine
    • Not full magazines are colored: Yellow (nearly full) -> Red (nearly empty)
    • You also get a Tooltip, how much bullets left in magazine
    • The prices are calculated by the left bullets in the magazine
  • Increased snap-distance for Foundations (much easier to find snap positions) @he-man
  • Reworked and added EPOCH Vehicle Classes @he-man
    • Each upgrade increase Speed, Torque, Fuel, Terrainbehaviour, Load and Armor
    • Hatchback >= lvl2 will no longer stuck in forests
    • Added M900 forced without Backseats -> "C_Heli_Light_01_civil_2seat_EPOCH"
    • Added M900 forced with Backseats -> "C_Heli_Light_01_civil_4seat_EPOCH"
    • The Random M900 will also stay available -> "C_Heli_Light_01_civil_EPOCH"
    • Added very low EPOCH variants of VTOL and Xi'an (eventually we have to change them with the next update a bit)
    • Added Door-Animations to some Vehicles by GetIn / GetOut

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      Hi all, Ive been looking for a while now for a vehicle flip script for a single player.
      Ive tried stuff ive used on previous servers but its not allowing the option so im guessing epoch has something that interferes with it.
      If anyone knows of a simple script to allow players to do this could you link it to me please,
      Thanks in advance.
      PS. Im aware the jacks flip vehicles but I actually  find this to be incredibly painstaking unless theirs a trick to it.
    • By GriffinZS
      We changed the map to Esseker. Details soon.
      Opening tonight. 
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    • By ReidenXerx
      Greetings! I need some help
      in running arma 3 epoch mod server on a napf map.
      I found out that I need a file with the coordinates of map buildings for spawn loot like this one used in altis map (if I understood correctly).

      I found it in the file "epoch_server_settings.pbo" in the folder "epoch_server_settings\configs\maps", there is also a file for napf, but the problem is it is almost empty.
      I do not know what to do.
    • By vbawol
      Arma 3 Epoch 0.5 has been released!

      Client Files:

      Server Files:
      File Changes:

      [New] Epoch is leaving alpha and entering beta! All Epoch Asset project sources are now available via our GitHub +LFS and under APL-SA license here: https://github.com/EpochModTeam/EpochCore
      [Added] Added Service Point to Rearm, Repair and Refuel. Thanks to @Ignatz-HeMan
      [Added] 7 new Keesha camo skins by Craig Hauer aka ComatoseBadger.
      [Added] 64-bit database extension support for Windows (EpochServer_x64.dll) and Linux (epochserver_x64.so) servers. Linux support is pending testing.
      [Added] Custom event handler and OnEachFrame hooks added. https://github.com/EpochModTeam/Epoch/tree/experimental/Sources/epoch_code/customs Thanks to @Ignatz-HeMan
      [Added] Crafting recipe: Mortar (Uses: 12x Rock, 2x dirty water) (Requires: Fire and workbench within 3m). Thanks to @baaljayjay for the suggestion.
      [Added] Customizability of units spawned by UAV alert via CfgEpochClient > uavAlertUnitSpawnTemplate. (Default: I_Soldier_EPOCH)
      [Added] Toxic Smoke Grenades can now be found in the world.
      [Added] Respawn in base feature, each player must interact with Jammer and choose "Make Spawnpoint" to enable.
      [Added] Selling to traders with bank debt greater than -50000(default), pays the bank debt back to below the limit instead of the player. Thanks to @Ignatz-HeMan
      [Changed] Epoch Message function now supports custom colors. Thanks to @SPKcoding
      [Changed] Epoch Event: ChangeWeather has been updated to allow for better random control of weather and defaults to bad weather.
      [Changed] Optimized database SET and SETEX calls in both SQF and C++.
      [Changed] Optimized database GETRANGE call.
      [Changed] Optimized NPC Trading and fixed issue if trade failed. Thanks to @Ignatz-HeMan
      [Changed] Great White Sharks will now spawn if the player is deep enough in the ocean.
      [Changed] Objects or Players that have been given "Crypto" variable can be accessed via the dynamic menu (Space Bar) for a "Take Crypto" action.
      [Changed] Air Drops are now triggered via Epoch Events server side every 45m at random, instead of randomly triggered client side.
      [Changed] To prevent issues with ownership only Group Leader can place a Jammer. jammerGLOnly = 0 in CfgEpochClient to disable. Thanks to @Ignatz-HeMan and @82ndab-Bravo17
      [Fixed] Crash bug when opening base building upgrade menu since Arma 3 1.68.
      [Fixed] Wrong variable name in EPOCH_clientRevive.sqf. Thanks to @Ignatz-HeMan
      [Fixed] Sometimes getting stuck only walking. Thanks to @Ignatz-HeMan
      [Fixed] Repack of Energy Pack is now possible.
      [Removed] EpochServer extension calls 100 and 101 as they are no longer needed.
      [Info] Re-add missing comments in some config files.
      [Info] Numerous other fixes and optimizations.
      [Info] Requires Arma 3 1.68 or higher.
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