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04 FEBRUARY 2018 - WE ARE ON v002!

Thanks to the Discord pals for helping in tailore BRPVP Zombies to Epoch.



My name is Donnovan and i bring here the BRPVP Zombies for Epoch Mod.

(You can know more about BRPVP here: http://www.brpvp.com)

BRPVP Zombies are made of: code, +code, some few images and sounds.




Here the files v002 (size 432Kb):

4 February 2018 - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ANHL_SaFdKlJOLrDV6CakOD7HTNwVr4T/view?usp=sharing



You must use the words "BRPVP zombies" or "BRPVP-Z" in your server name and give proper credits to the Author (Andre Luis AKA Donnovan).

BRPVP Zombies was done completelly stand alone, but with Epoch in mind.


BE Filters Info:

1 - The variables set on zombies and target, with setVariable, have the prefix "brpvp_", for easy BE Filter management.

2 - BRPVP Zombies make use of 3 public variables, the variable names start with "BRPVP_" for easy BE Filters management.


Remote Exec White List:

You need that in your description.ext:

class CfgRemoteExec {
	class Functions {
		mode = 1;
		jip = 0;
		class BRPVP_remoteExec {
			allowedTargets = 0;
			jip = 1;

If you already have a class CfgRemoteExec {...}; declaration in your description.ext you will need to merge the above with the one you have.


Custom Epoch "FiredMan" Event Handler:

Get the code inside player addEventHandler ["FiredMan",{...this code...}]; in the file brpvp_zombies_stuff_client.sqf and put it in the Epoch file EPOCH_custom_EH_FiredMan.sqf (see https://github.com/EpochModTeam/Epoch/blob/release/Sources/epoch_code/customs/EPOCH_custom_EH_FiredMan.sqf).


description.ext file:

BRPVP Zombies have some sound declarations in description.ext. You will need to merge it with your description.ext.



BRPVP Zombies add two types of zombies:

1 - Fixed zombies in infected cities: they stay on some cities and can be triggered from near or from far, with your proximity or with bullet hit.

Here the configuration for fixed zombies and infected cities:

BRPVP_fixedZombiesAmount = [

Reading above, you will have 8 infected cities on your mission.

Explaning line 7: [[2,3],[40,60],100,["NameCity","NameVillage"]]

Zombies will have its force random selected from 2 or 3, they will be in number of 40 if force is 2 and will be in number of 60 if force is 3. The spawn radius in the city will be 100 meters, and the city selected for those zombies will be randonly picked from the list of Cities and Villages provided by the map.

2 - Context spawned zombies: those zombies will spawn when you are in places with near houses or buildings. You can avoid those zombies to spawn by obscuring your self like walking near walls, entering in houses, going crouch or prone, stay high from the ground, stay near big objects like wreck cars and all kind of objects or group of objects that can block the perception of you.



All the BRPVP Zombies configurations can be found in this file: brpvp_zombies_config.sqf.


Older files:

v001: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Q4cavJQdqwxcz-O6DBFo_fKfEG-_g8bj/view?usp=sharing

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Depending on the interest in this project i will migrate it to Epoch standards, if the Epoch team desire it as part of Epoch. But for now its made to work in the most number of mods, missions it can, with a plus attention for Epoch.

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Thanks for the test Cubitron. You got any error in rpt log files?

Just to confirm, you tested with Namalsk Epoch?

If you know:

What is the player side?

Any restriction about use of remoteExec functions?

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Playerside is civilian

Yeah Epoch Namalsk, i can test with Altis if that be easier

Error with one million no speaker spam


11:58:34 No speaker given for Azibo Achebe
11:58:34 No speaker given for Nuru Osmani
11:58:34 No speaker given for Zaim Ngige
11:58:34 No speaker given for Gamba Ekwensi
11:58:34 No speaker given for Ed Newton
11:58:34 No speaker given for Maalik Okonkwo
11:58:34 No speaker given for Jahi Igwe
11:58:34 No speaker given for Noah Miller
11:58:34 No speaker given for Batou Madaki
11:58:34 No speaker given for Maalik Madaki
11:58:34 No speaker given for Henry Wilson
11:58:34 No speaker given for Corey Wood
11:58:34 No speaker given for Gao Yeung
11:58:35 No speaker given for Davu Balewa
11:58:35 No speaker given for Wu Chen
11:58:35 No speaker given for Jake Jackson
11:58:35 Error in expression <
} forEach BRPVP_fixedZombiesAmount;
BRPVP_addZombieBrainSV append BRPVP_walk>
11:58:35   Error position: <BRPVP_addZombieBrainSV append BRPVP_walk>
11:58:35   Error Undefined variable in expression: brpvp_addzombiebrainsv
11:58:35 File mpmissions\__cur_mp.Namalsk\brpvp_zombies\brpvp_zombies_infected_city.sqf, line 47

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Zonbies are civilians, if players are Civilian this will require extra code. Are you sure players are Civilian?

This will make zombies attack then selfs.

In the file brpvp_zombies_infected_city.sqf add at the top the line:

waitUntil {!isNil "BRPVP_addZombieBrainSV"};

Sorry for that, my fault.


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Ok. Thanks for trying.

Players are indeed not Civ. Confirmed with a dev.

This item is causing problems:

5 - BRPVP Zombies uses a lot the remoteExec function.

Will work on that in this end of week.

Don't give up Cubitron! But for now just wait a bit.

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öhm ooook im a long time out from epoch Arma 3

but wtf are the players then ?:biggrin:


class Item4
            class Entities
                class Item0
                    class PositionInfo
                    class Attributes


So im a bit confused

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In vanilla Epoch the players are set to WEST (BLUFOR) if female and EAST (OPFOR) if male. AI in vanilla are GUER (RESISTANCE) @Cubitron That definition in the mission file is overridden by the siding set in the player models in CfgVehicles.hpp (in the Epoch client mod).

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I use the above on one of my servers. On the other I have a client side mod that resides the Epoch male character model itself to be BLUFOR and unlocks all uniforms though. Either way, these mechanisms free another side for AI. In my case I use OPFOR for renegade uninfected and GUER for Zedz

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@DonnovanBasically in vanilla Epoch:

    Female player characters = WEST/BLUFOR

    Male player characters = EAST/OPFOR


    Everything else (animals, objects, vehicles, traders) = CIV

However scripts should allow the server dev to choose the side of hostile AI (most in fact do even if you have to delve into the code rather than set it in a config. That's because a few of us do merge all players into BLUFOR and use OPFOR and GUER as hostile AI who can be hostile to each other...

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I will look into that damage indicator problem. Epoch must have a player damage system so i need to be ok with it.

Zeds are attracted by smoke grenades?

When you disconnect with zombies attacking you, and reconnect, zombies get frozen?

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14 hours ago, FloAtompilz said:

ok i tryed to add these but im not able to get it right can some one explaine me how i do the right way to add the script? please

1 - You must merge description.ext with your description.ext or just copy it to the root of your mission if you dont have this file.

2 - You must putt the content in init.sqf at the end of your init.sqf, or just copy it to the root of your mission if you don't have this file.

3 - You must add the folder brpvp_zombies to your mission.

If your mission file is shareable, send me it and i can do the install for you.

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18 hours ago, Donnovan said:

1 - You must merge description.ext with your description.ext or just copy it to the root of your mission if you dont have this file.

2 - You must putt the content in init.sqf at the end of your init.sqf, or just copy it to the root of your mission if you don't have this file.

3 - You must add the folder brpvp_zombies to your mission.

If your mission file is shareable, send me it and i can do the install for you.

Ok i got is now thx for little epxlanation ! ;)

i got an other question ! i added the (


 to the file brpvp_zombies_infected_city.sqf 

in the second line is this right? or will they spawn randomly and also market on the map ? or only if i 

set it like this 

BRPVP_fixedZombiesAmount = [



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