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BSBS Epoch||PvPvE|Coins|Banks|Missions|Roamers|Bases|Day/Night

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BSBS Server IP:

Website: https://bsbsepoch.000webhostapp.com/

Discord: https://discord.gg/PVn8PvG

Server Features:

  • PvPvE
  • Database wiped 1/5/18
  • ESS V3 spawn selection
  • Coins and Global Banking
  • WAI missions and Roaming DZAI Bandits
  • Customized map additions
  • Skalisky Bridge
  • Skalisky Island Bandit Camp with high loot (fun mission!)
  • Garage Door Opener
  • Virtual Garage
  • Deploy bike
  • Refuel, Repair, Rearm
  • Take clothes
  • Bury Body
  • Butcher Body
  • Locate vehicle with keys and GPS
  • One plot poll per player
  • Indestructible bases
  • Trader Safe Zones
  • Day/Night Schedule
  • 4-hour restarts

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      Winter Gaming is a gaming community, that was created in early 2018. We're currently running DayZ Epoch server.
      Winter Gaming is a project created with passion – for players from players.
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