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  • Similar Content

    • By Yoda
      Hello, I am apart of the Global Chaos Gaming community. We currently are hosting a modified Arma 3 Epoch server, we have very active staff aswell as active community members, I urge you to stop by and check us out! TeamSpeak: ts.globalchaos.net Website : http://www.GlobalChaos.net
    • By Sindog
      i just startet my own dayz all in one server. but no matter what i want to get in on it of mods and so on, the i can't get it to work.
      is ther someone that could help me out over skype og somthing, i would pay for you time if needed.
      Best regard Mathias.
      Skypename: Mathias2096 (put note dayz server)
    • By DirtyGranny
      Hi all,
      Is anyone interested in working together to develop a new Epoch server in Australia?
      I'm happy to pay the monthly server cost, but I need someone to help with scripting set up.
      Let me know if your interested.
      Cheers all 
    • By Longshot03XX =BWB= | Coins/OverwatchSkins/Plot4Life/SnapPro/VectorBuild | DayZ Overpoch
      It's been a few years since the last time I had a server, I am looking to populate my server with well rounded players. We have the following mods installed on this fresh server:
      Zupa Single Coin Currency 3.0 ------------------------------------------------No global banking
      Wicked AI 2.2.0 -----------------------------------------------------------------Because it wouldn't be fun without it
      Deploy bike/mozzie ------------------------------------------------------------ Who hates walking?
      Epoch events --------------------------------------------------------------------PVP reasons
      Plot for life -----------------------------------------------------------------------Just because
      Plot management --------------------------------------------------------------- Life is just simpler that way
      Snap-pro w/ fast build ---------------------------------------------------------- If you build it they will come
      Refuel/rearm/repair with coins ------------------------------------------------ Because single currency is just way easier
      Tow/Lift -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Do I even have to say?
      Self Bloodbag w/ restrictions -------------------------------------------------- Can't get spoon fed all the time now, come on
      Door management -------------------------------------------------------------- Because America!!!!
      Zupa's Overwatch clothing ----------------------------------------------------- Wouldn't be an overpoch server without it
      Combokey changer ------------------------------------------------------------- Cause keeping notes sucks
      Hero perks ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Too many bandits
      Dayz Group Manager ----------------------------------------------------------- We encourage teamwork
      Zupa's Advanced Trading ------------------------------------------------------ Hell, why not?
      We are not only looking for players, but we are also recruiting staff members to be apart of our upcoming gaming community. Please feel free to join us at anytime. Thank you for your time!
      SGT Cruz
      1/23 WPNS CO 81s
      Section Leader, Bravo
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