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**NEW** Manup-PvPvE | v1.0.6.2 | 5-Mil + KITS | Player Teleport | VirtGarage | Banks | Checks | Perks | Cap&Hold | GemCraft | Semi-Mil | High [email protected]@T

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**NEW** Manup-PvPvE | v1.0.6.2 | 5-Mil + KITS | Player Teleport | VirtGarage | Banks | Checks | Perks | Cap&Hold | GemCraft | Semi-Mil | High [email protected]@T




M A N U P - - U P D A T E

The NEW SERVER is Unlocked! 

DayZ Overpoch Chernarus


This is a PvPvE Militarized Server with High Loot and High Risk 

$5,000,000 Start coins + Cinder & Metal Base kit


> Suicide

> Earplugs

> Auto Run

> Tow & Lift

> Safe Zones

> Flip Vehicle 

> Plot For Life

> Bury Bodies

> Take Clothes

> Click Actions

> Harvest Hemp

> Service Points

> Locate Vehicle

> Virtual Garage

> Player Teleport

> Custom Traders

> Global Banking

> Free Spawn Kits

> Tanks and APC's

> Attack Choppers

> Scan For Players

> Deploy Anything

> KO Melee Combat

> Plot Management

> Scan For Animals

> Scan For Zombies

> Treasure Hunting

> Turn On/Off Grass 

> Snap With Vectors

> Custom Trader City

> Group Management

> Garage Door Opener

> Safe Zone Relocate

> Custom Action Wheel 

> Vehicle Key Changer

> Humanity Spawn Kits

> Custom Event Crates

> No Spawn Restriction

> Sell On Site Missions

> Change View Distance

> Custom Debug Monitor

> Player Zombie Shields

> remote vehicle options

> Humanity spawn vehicles 

> Community Localizations

> Humanity Spawn Classes

> Custom Military locations

> Custom Cap & Hold Missions


> Door Management With Eye Scan

> More custom stuff inside ....


Special thanks to @salival  for all his help with the conversion. I couldn't of done it with out you!


Thanks For Playing ManUp - Enjoy and Please report any bugs.





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    • By Schalldampfer
      PvE (No PvP) server at Japan. Details on website - too many scripts to write down!
      Full mili, AI city, Virtual garage, Bank, customized WAI, customized traders, JSRS1.5
      Server IP -> search in lobby, maybe now
      Website : http://chernarus.web.fc2.com/
      Discord : https://discord.gg/czZr3xW

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      BSBS Server IP:
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      PvPvE Database wiped 1/5/18 ESS V3 spawn selection Coins and Global Banking WAI missions and Roaming DZAI Bandits Customized map additions Skalisky Bridge Skalisky Island Bandit Camp with high loot (fun mission!) Garage Door Opener Virtual Garage Deploy bike Refuel, Repair, Rearm Take clothes Bury Body Butcher Body Locate vehicle with keys and GPS One plot poll per player Indestructible bases Trader Safe Zones Day/Night Schedule 4-hour restarts
    • By Adam1911
      We are We are pleased to announce the launch of our arma 2 Overpoch DayZ server, we are a PvE with a PvP aspect, What we mean by this is our server supports both play styles we have a zone on our map that you are allowed to base raid and kill others as you would find on a normal pvp server. Doing this we have been growing a community and getting a foot hold in the arma 2 community, we also welcome all Suggestions you can do this by joining our discord or our website (Website Offline for now) 
      We can offer you a unique experience while playing on our servers with great peoples, Fair adult and mature staff.
      Experienced staff with experience and successful servers from Arma 2 to Arma 3, Enjoyable game experience with a lot to do. We will enforce the rules as strongly as we can to get rid of any peoples trying to break this great experience for us.
      Full Day / Night cycle (No Voting) Time Acceleration.  Build Limit is based on your humanity, the higher your humanity the more objects you can build.   Indestructible Bases with in the PvE Zone Only. Custom AI Missions. Custom Loot. Realistic Towing. Slow Zombies (still a threat and more of them.) Self Blood Bag. Air drops. Snap Building. Coin System.  Repair/Fuel Services. Deploy Bike. Bury Body. Take Clothes. Locate Vehicle. TAB Menu. Custom Traders for 10k / 50k / 100k / 500k humanity Change / Custom door codes. and much more
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      Discord: https://discord.gg/zubtHR9
      Server: overpoch.thewalkingzuk.co.uk
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